Unveiling The Kiip Mobile Advertising Blockchain

Why Mobile Advertising Benefits From Blockchain

Blockchain has the potential to change mobile advertising forever. Here at Kiip, we see blockchain:

  • Providing transparency along the supply chain.
  • Simplifying reconciliation and third-party ad verification for billing and viewability/fraud detection by offering a single source of truth for all parties along the supply chain.
  • Offering a dependable revenue share model to all participants, including publishers.
  • Recognizing the end-consumer in a meaningful and memorable way.

Kiip is applying blockchain's potential through a set of initiatives, including Single Ledger and Koin.


Single Ledger

Today, Single Ledger enables:

  • All players in the mobile ad supply chain to view and audit campaign data directly.
  • Simple and clear reconciliation of campaign performance data among all parties.
  • Verification of campaign delivery and supply quality, helping to detect and reduce fraud.
  • Streamlining what has historically been a time-consuming and frustrating reporting and payment process.

See how Anheiser-Busch is using Kiip's Single Ledger in our latest announcement.

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In the near future, Koin will enable brands to:

  • Buy media and orchestrate campaigns intelligently using self-clearing smart contracts.
  • Drive payments to developers in a timely manner.
  • Reward the end user directly.

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