31 Languages Increase Kiip’s Reward Redemptions Up To 194%

Posted on by Emily Hodges, Marketing & Strategy

This past February, Kiip rolled out with 31 languages into their SDK. This project was initiated after testing out Mandarin and Italian, and immediately seeing a significant 20% redemption increase. Kiip takes pride in respecting the user experience, so within a few months 31 languages were successfully integrated into Kiip's technology.  31languages_KiipWhat exactly does this mean for the mobile user? If a user's smartphone is set to one of the 31 selected languages, Kiip's CTA text embedded within rewards are displayed in their chosen language.

After just a month of the languages intergrated in their SDK, Kiip saw the redemption numbers increase across all languages. With just German language users alone, their overall redemptions skyrocketed over 194%!


Kiip strives to have mobile moments recognized on more of a global scale. Check out the images below to see the different countries German, Spanish, and Korean mobile users are redeeming their rewards.




The 31 languages that are integrated within Kiip's SDK are: Hindi, Danish, Portuguese Brazil, Dutch, Swedish, Korean, Pakistani, German, Norwegian, Japanese, Romanian, Italian, Thai, Spanish, Kazakh, Greek, Hebrew, Polish, Czech, Portuguese, Malay, Ukrainian, Indonesian, Arabic, Hungarian, Russian, Mandarin, Tagalog, French, Vietnamese and English.

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