Insight of the Week: Travel Motivation

Vacations go as far back as the Roman Empire. They give us freedom, perspective, a break from our routine, and memories to last a lifetime. But...

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Monthly M.I.C. Drop [September 2016]

Posted on by Brionna Lewis, Digital Marketing Associate

The M.I.C. Drop is your Moments Insights Connection featuring month-over-month mobile moment trends observed across the Kiip Network.

In this month's M.I.C. Drop, we observed trends that illustrate summer winding down as we prepare for fall. We saw a decrease Travel and Adventure Moments and School Moments as summer travel came to an end, the back-to-school buzz settled and students eased into their school year routines. We also, not surprisingly, have seen an increase in Football Moments as football season gets started. We analyzed what time of day we see the most football moments and surveyed users about what they enjoy most about football season. To see the results, download this month's M.I.C. Drop!


Download this M.I.C. Drop!

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