Kiip Launches Executive Blockchain Council to Address Issues of Transparency, Efficiency, and Performance in Digital Advertising

Posted on by Katie Kerr, Marketing & Branding

We're excited to announce the formation of the Executive Blockchain Council, a collaboration with executives at leading brands and agencies, to explore how blockchain technology can solve the persistent issues of transparency, efficiency, and performance in digital advertising. Members include Amardeep Kahlon, CMO, GSK, and Eduardo Luz, CMO, Kraft Heinz, among others.

The Executive Blockchain Council represents the first time that major brands and agencies have come together to work on blockchain solutions as they relate to digital advertising. The 15 member council will meet semi-annually.

The Executive Blockchain Council will focus on issues across all forms of digital advertising, but will be led by mobile technology, as the mobile device is the most relevant media interaction point for consumers today, as well as the most personal. The council’s formation follows the launch of Kiip’s “Single Ledger” blockchain product, first deployed in a campaign for AB InBev in Q2 2018. Single Ledger enables all players in the digital ad sales chain to view and audit campaign data directly. The technology allows for simple and clear reconciliation of campaign performance data among all parties, eliminating potential for fraudulent reporting by third parties and ad servers, and streamlining what has historically been a painful, laborious reporting and payment process.

Learn more about Kiip's blockchain initiative here.

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