Introducing Kiip Neon

A brighter solution for developer monetization.

Kiip Neon monetizes your app and grows your audience with one, easy-to-integrate toolkit.

With the Kiip Neon toolkit:


Add an incremental revenue stream
to your app


Increase your audience's engagement,
time spent and loyalty


Respectfully connect your users
with top brands


  • Server-to-server
  • Native mobile or web
  • Plugins for Unity, Adobe Air, etc.
  • MoPub adapter

Multiple Formats

  • Sponsored virtual currency
  • Real rewards and coupons
  • Native video
  • In-feed rewards

Superior User Experience

  • Customizable reward notifications
  • Designed for all screen sizes
  • Ability to white label units

Value-added Services

  • Premium reward opportunities
  • Deliver your own rewards
  • Survey your users

Boost audience retention and monetize your app with a single solution. How it works:

  1. Find your moments: Partner with Kiip to identify rewardable moments unique to your app.
  2. Delight your users: In these moments, Kiip will surprise & delight your users with real or virtual rewards as presented by our premium brand partners.
  3. Get paid: You get paid each time your audience redeems a reward.

On average, users who claim a Kiip reward will:


Spend 68% more total time in app


More than double the length of their typical session


Open the app 31% more often


Have 30% more lifespan

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