Moments Based In-App Mobile Advertising

Kiip is an in-app mobile advertising platform that uses moments to create meaningful customer interactions and generate highly targeted, custom audiences. 

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What This Means For You



Run more effective campaigns

Traditional advertising gets you eyeballs and audiences. Kiip gets you people who care and want to buy from you. We reach them when they’re most receptive to your message.

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Monetize your app with recognizable brands

We deliver value to your users without interrupting their experience. This boosts user engagement and app loyalty, while putting money in your pocket.

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Data Partners

Glean dynamic insights on mobile audiences

Traditional data is informed by a url, header bidding, cookie or single source, which means it is often incomplete or outdated. Kiip gives you the current view of the consumer based on actions they’re taking right now on their mobile device.

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Everyone Else

Receive real value from brands

When you least expect it, we’ll surprise you with rewards like discounts, tips and virtual currency, in your favorite apps and connected devices. It’s our way of saying: “You’re awesome. Kiip doing what you’re doing!”

Why Our Approach Works

We approach the mobile, in app advertising experience as a series of moments. For brands, moments offer an engaging way to surprise and delight consumers.

We categorize in app mobile moments across our mobile app and mobile web inventory to understand consumers’ immediate actions and greet them with the most appropriate branded response.

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