Why Kiip Audiences?


Mobile First

For seven years, we've targeting consumers based on data collected from billions of interactions across our network. Our approach is unintrusive and effective, which is proven by our average engagement rate of 20% -- 10x the industry average.


Multi-Dimensional Data Points

Kiip Audiences are created by combining and corroborating multiple deterministic data points. Unlike other audience vendors who rely on a single data point to create their audiences, we include data like timestamp, device characteristics, location, app usage, brand engagement, and survey responses. You wouldn't make a cake with just flour, why build an audience with only one data point?



Kiip Audiences are built using signals generated by real people, on real devices, in real time. We use past engagement behavior and quick surveys to validate our segments and keep them fresh and accurate.

Generic Audience vs Kiip Audiences

Kiip Audiences are built by combining multiple, deterministic attributes based on data seen in the moment and viewed through the lens of past moments, making them more comprehensive and actionable than a generic audience.


Generic Audience 

  • Bid Stream/Aggregated
  • Probabilistic
  • Cookie-based
  • Single Data Point
  • No Verification

Kiip Audiences

  • First-Party
  • Deterministic
  • Mobile-based
  • Multiple Data Points
  • Verified

Our Partners

Kiip Audiences are available for activation through leading DSPs including:
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