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3 Game Changers for Mobile Gaming at Casual Connect 2018

Posted on by Aras Toker, Business Development
This year's Casual Connect USA took place in the happiest place on earth -- Disneyland! The three-day conference was held from January 16 - 18, 2018 where more than 2,000 industry professionals, developers, and game enthusiasts came together to network, and search for the next big thing in gaming.
 Here are the three big things we saw trending at Casual Connect:
  • Careful selection of ad formats: Many discussions by ad monetization professionals were around choosing the most effective ad type in their titles. Banner ads are getting less and less attractive as playable ads rise in popularity. This can be attributed to high eCPMs that playable ads yields for the publishers. Given the success of these ads, it was no surprise to see a number of new providers of playable ads with quality design and interactivity at the conference.
  • New user segmentation best practices: Developers want to take full control over their ad monetization strategy by creating unique ad experiences for different segments of their users. The best practices around this concept was discussed in multiple sessions and panels throughout the conference.
  • Demanding branded ads: Developers are becoming more aware that branded ads give much better user experience than install ads. Several top players in the space made this a point of discussion and firmly believe that branded ads will keep the engagement and retention rates steady.
One of the best panels that we attended was Getting in the Game: How Publishers Can Help Brands Reach Their Players which discussed among other things how much game publishers value branded ads. 
During the panel, an audience member asked a question about what publishers do to enhance the positive user experience within their games. We were delighted to hear Chandra Hill, VP of Monetization at MobilityWare's response -- partner with Kiip! She went on to describe how we have been built for rewarding users with cool branded offers and how we are one of the few networks that genuinely care about positive user experience. She also added that Kiip has been the leader in sourcing branded demand. It is wonderful to hear these words from large publishers that value branded ads. Thank you, Chandra!
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