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5 Ways to Boost Publisher Revenue

Posted on by Mike Parrone




Short term revenue goals do not ensure sustainability in the long term. While 2019 may be going well so far, make sure you are setting yourself up for success in the years to come! Here are 5 ways publishers can chart a course for improved CPMs and overall revenue... the right way:

1. Reward your consumer

It may seem simple, but deliver ads that consumers prefer. You would think that this is 101 marketing. Many publishers neglect it. Rewarded ads are highly preferred and rewarded video is preferred the most.

2. Get Creative

Sticking to the basic ad units "du jour" may get faster results, but publishers who are willing to customize their units create better quality in the long run, which in turn drives higher CPMS and encourages more consumer engagement.

3. Go Virtual

Building an in-app economy creates many opportunities for publishers. Any app can create a points system that encourages users to unlock virtual, crypto, or real-world values. Publishers can diversify incentives they can offer by getting creative (see tip number 2) and establishing an in-app economy.

4. Less is More

When it comes to ad placement, more is not more. If revenue is down, resist the urge to cram in more ads. This short term fix is a long term problem because you lose the consumers interest and trust. More placements may bog down their apps so much they decide to leave. Instead, look towards rewarding daily check ins. It incentivizes consistent app usage, which creates a more sustainable long term revenue, while building a healthy and happy relationship with the consumer. Speaking of...

5. Build Trustworthy Relationships

Publishers need networks as much as networks need publishers. Building walls that force networks to pay-to-play and gain access to mobile inventory may seem cost savvy, it's not. This doesn't create a true partnership, it creates ultimatums. It also doesn't ensure that beyond those walls there is any quality or strategy in place. Establishing mutual trust and holding each other accountable for quality will enable stronger, smarter, and longer lasting partnerships.


More tips on how (and how not) to boost publisher revenue can be found on Adontas by guest writer Kabir Mather, head of Business Development at Kiip.


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