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54% of Consumers Plan to Host This Holiday Season

Posted on by Lauren Farricker, Marketing & Consumer Insights

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With pumpkin-flavored everything creeping onto shelves and the seasons shifting, how are consumers thinking about the fast approaching holiday season? We turned to the Kiip network to find out.

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We’ve Got Company

The majority of respondents (54%) reported plans to host family or friends over the holidays. This means busting out the air mattress, multiple trips to the grocery store, holiday cookies and hiding out in the bathroom from your in-laws. I love my in-laws, but not everyone is so lucky.

With the surge in household activity that comes with the holidays, consumers are looking for anything to help get them through this hectic time. Enter CPG brands, the unsung heroes of the holidays. CPG brands should tailor messaging highlighting how they help make the holidays as smooth as butter.

Meals Bring Us Together

28% of respondents say their preferred way to entertain guests is over a meal. This is an important ritual during the holiday when getting together with friends and or family. Knowing this, cleaning or detergent brands should target mobile users in recipe apps with branded tips on how to remove common holiday stains like gravy or cranberry sauce from clothing.

Let’s Bake The World a Better Place

49% of users plan to prepare a homemade dish this holiday season. Given that not all of these consumers are confident in the kitchen, CPG brands can step in to save the day by targeting users while they’re in grocery stores with helpful tips like how to amp up a classic casserole, or how to make a calorie friendly version of a seasonal favorite.

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