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The Top 10 Viral Advertisements from July

Posted on by Brittany Fleit, Marketing Lead

Sometimes an advertisement is touching. Sometimes it’s funny. But when an ad transcends its born-with motive to sell something and becomes a stand-alone vignette, I go a little weak in the knees.

These ten gorgeous ads from tech moguls, beer brands, luxury cars and more illustrate what all advertisements should aspire to be.


Guinness: Empty Chair

Get ready to tear up with this 4th of July advert from Guinness. This patriotic commercial features a bartender and a pint of Guinness waiting for a special guest from overseas.

Apple: Pride

Apple’s heartwarming advertisement depicts five thousand Apple employees and their families marching in the San Francisco Pride Parade. The ad was originally tweeted out by Apple CEO Tim Cook with the line “inclusion inspires innovation.” The line references last year’s Supreme Court legal brief which explains why marriage equality is essential to economic competitiveness.

Burger King: Proud Whopper

Our other pick for a LGBT Pride video is a Burger King marriage equality campaign. The video spies on customers as they order plain Whoppers versus Pride Whoppers, debating the difference. In the end, customers realize the only variant is the rainbow wrapper – nothing else has changed. Burger King’s message: We’re all the same inside.

To top it off, all proceeds from Proud Whopper sales went to Burger King McLamore Foundation for scholarships benefiting upcoming LGBT collegiates.

Heineken Light: Neil Patrick Harris & Director

There are a pretty stringent set of laws regarding alcohol consumption in commercials, making ads about booze rather difficult to make. Heineken decided to poke at the rules with an ad that features Neil Patrick Harris bickering with a director about why he can’t sap some suds. I think we’re all with NPH on this one.

Apple: Stickers

Apple made our monthly round-up twice with this second spot, called “Stickers.” This TV commercial is an ode to the childhood Composition Notebooks we plastered with our favorite stickers. Not much has changed with our “grown-up” notebooks, as Apple playfully shows how a uniform MacBook Air can take on the personality of its owner.

DTAC: The Power of Love

It’s not every day that a technology company encourages users to ditch their phones and interact IRL. DTAC, Thailand’s second-largest phone provider, does just this in a tearjerker featuring a clueless dad and his crying infant. #TechNeverReplaceLove

Greenpeace: Everything is NOT Awesome

Don’t Panic is creative agency known for haunting ads about global crisis, like their Save Syria’s Children campaign. They’re at it again in this stunning attack ad for Greenpeace against Lego’s partnership with Shell. Regardless of where you fall in the debate, you can’t argue with this ad's choice imagery. The ad shows a peaceful arctic scene getting swallowed by oil, set to a chilling rendition of “Everything is Awesome,” the theme song from The Lego Movie. Effective? Definitely.

Peanut Butter Cheerios: How to Dad

Dad’s here with some words of wisdom in Peanut Butter Cheerio’s latest ad. As he walks around the house with his four kids, he narrates “how to dad” better. It’s not just one advertisement, either; Cheerios has made this into a full content marketing campaign, complete with a Tumblr for dad-isms.

Samsung: Every Day is Day One

This video for Samsung’s partnership with ASP, the American Association for Surfing Professions, celebrates life in the water. It's a montage of first-time and pro surfers, learning how to balance on a board, getting tangled under the break and surfacing after the perfect wave. Warning: You’ll want to plan a beach trip after watching this.

Lexus: Strobe

“Strobe” is the third installation of the “Amazing in Motion” series for Lexus. The spots show Lexus’ status as a luxury brand, due to its engineering and grace. While this message isn’t super obvious in the advert, the original concept and artistry of this mini-film makes it a must-watch.

Like what you see? We’ll be back next month with another round-up.

Until then, follow us on Twitter to keep up with the latest advertising trends.


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