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10 Super Bowl Ads That Stole The Show

Posted on by Brionna Lewis, Digital Marketing Associate

Everyone knows that the Super Bowl was really all about the commercials (and Beyonce, of course). This year the brands brought their very best. We laughed, we cried, we were confused. Whatever the case, these were our 10 favorite ads from Game Day.

10. NFL - Super Bowl Babies

This commercial has the most awkward, but fun, concept. It's also possibly the cutest thing we’ve seen all year, plus Seal. However, it leaves us wondering, “How did they find these people?”.


9. Paypal - There's a New Money in Town

Paypal nailed it. This is just what they needed established themselves as the future of currency. We know as people become increasingly more connected to their mobile devices, things like paper money will quickly become a thing of the past.


8. Avacados from Mexico - #AvosInSpace

Aliens cracking jokes about humans. It's funny because it really makes you think about just how ridiculous we are.


7. Audi R8 - Commander

ALL THE FEELS! Audi knew exactly how to pull at our heart strings with this beautiful ode to the beloved David Bowie.


6. Hyundai - Ryanville

Because we can never have too much of Ryan Reynolds. We also like that it showcases the benefits of artificial intelligence in cars. Technology like this is only the beginning as we saw at CES this year.


5. Mini USA - #DefyLabels

No one likes to be labeled...apparently not even cars. We love that Mini can make a social statement and sell cars at the same time.


4. Cambell's Chunky - This One's for Mom

You can never go wrong with a shout-out to Moms. NEVER.


3. GoPro - The Big Game

As we've talked about before, any time a brand can leverage consumer created content to showcase their product — it's a win.


2. Fitbit Blaze - The Smart Fitness Watch

Fitbit’s montage of showing everyday moments and seamlessly switching it into workout scenes is pretty clever and a super fun visual. It also illustrates how working out can easily fit into our daily lives, just as long as we make time for it. I mean, how else are we going to lose those buffalo wing calories?


1. Bud Light - The Bud Light Party with Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan

Bud Light knew that all they had to do was put Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan together and it was going to be hilarious. 


Bonus: Budweiser USA - #GiveADamn:60

Speaking of beer, we had to add this bonus video. To say that Helen Mirren guilt trips any potential drunk drivers is definitely an understatement. Besides the hilarious irony of oh-so-proper-Helen about to down a Budweiser, the message of safe driving is something we definitely support.


What were your favorite ads this year? Let us know!

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