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Rethinking Back-to-School Campaigns: 3 Mobile Moments You Should be Targeting This Year

Posted on by Brionna Lewis, Digital Marketing Associate

Summer vacation is just getting started, but back-to-school advertising plans are already under way. Moments are a unique and effective way to target moms this year with your back to school campaigns. Kiip has 3 strategic mobile moments ideal for reaching busy moms in the apps they use everyday — encouraging and inspiring them to shop your brand during the back-to-school season.


Why Moments?

Moments give your brand context and relevancy. This means, your brand has an opportunity to reach moms in a very micro way. Instead of reaching moms anywhere and everywhere they are, moments allow you to reach mom’s in the most ideal times for your brand.

Moments complement natural consumer behavior. Moments are already organically happening in a mom’s day. Mom’s are already using apps to plan their lives, get things done and shop for themselves and their families.
Moments are action-based. Moments are triggered when an action is taken by a mom in-app, and in turn, inspires action when presented with your brand, which is key for optimal engagement.

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1. Mom Moments

With mom moments your brand can target mom-oriented apps and behaviors to reach her while her kids and family are front-of-mind. Mom moments include logging your child’s milestones, crossing an item off your to-do list, creating a shopping list, or bookmarking a recipe for the next family dinner. These moments happen everyday in the Kiip network in apps like OutofMilk, Mom’s Daily Planner and MammaBaby.Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.48.59 AM

Moms are the most common target for back-to-school campaigns. In analyzing mom moments across our network, the 5 brand verticals that rank highest against mom moments are also the most common back-to-school advertiser categories: Media & entertainment, CPG, Retail, eCommerce and Tech

2. Planning Moments

Easing out of summer relaxation and into the productivity of fall takes planning. Reach shoppers as the look to their phones for help. Planning moments include logging a calendar reminder, creating a to-do list, managing tasks, creating a new budget, or monitoring your spending.Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.45.49 AM

Last back-to-school season, we saw a 13% increase in planning moments month-over-month at the start of back-to-school season. These moments happen in apps like, Mom’s Daily Planner and Finish.


3. Shopping Moments

Market Researchers at eMarketer project that US consumers will spend more than $210 billion from their mobile phones at the physical point of sale by 2019, amplifying the significance of shopping moments marketing to brands.Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.46.22 AM

Kiip’s shopping moments greet and influence back-to-school shoppers at the point of transaction. Our shopping moments leverage in-app shopping moments and real-time location information to reach shoppers that are at or near the transaction and in the shopping mindset. Shopping moments include visiting a retail location, crossing an item off your shopping list or considering an in-app purchase. 

Last year, we saw a 155% increase in shopping moments month-over-month at the start of back-to-school season, coupled with a 10% engagement rate.


Now that we’ve given you the secrets to back-to-school campaign targeting for the upcoming season, don’t waste any more time. These are the moments that your brand should be looking to take advantage of and we’d love to help you do it. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at


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