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3 Ways Your Brand Can Leverage Consumer Mobile Behavior

Posted on by Emily Hodges, Marketing & Strategy

When we know that mobile use grows 58% year over year, apps account for 89% of mobile time, and consumers spent over $12.65 billion via mobile devices during 2015’s holiday season —it’s obvious why companies are paying more and more attention to their mobile strategies.


3 Ways Your Brand Can Leverage From Your Customers’ Mobile Behavior

But with dozens of popular social media platforms, over two million apps available, and competitors racking up their ad spending — your mobile marketing strategies can get a bit blurry on how your brand could guarantee a high ROI. So, which direction should you take when it comes to engaging with your mobile consumers? The answer lies within every marketers’ ultimate gold mine — your consumers’ mobile behavior.

If you’re not already collecting consumer data, whether it be through a third party or your company itself, you should. When your brand learns more about your customer’s behavior, you’re able to tap better into their mobile routine or overall daily lifestyle. Below are 3 ways how you can leverage consumer mobile behavior.

1. Target multiple groups within your consumer audience. Most brands know who their overall consumer audience is. However, you don't want to only message a general audience —you want to target diverse users as specifically as possible. This will create higher retention and your brand will become more relatable. There are different variables of how you could segment out your consumers: location, lifestyle, language, demographic, time-of-day, weather and age — just to name a few. Depending on your product, you should decide which variables overlap within your consumer pool and create different campaigns or incentives for those groups.

An example is Kiip rewards that are geo-targeted. As you can see in the below image, Kiip is able to target Spanish speakers living in specific countries and deliver the brand messaging in Spanish to cater towards that specific demographic. 

3 Ways Your Brand Can Leverage From Your Customers’ Mobile Behavior

2. Build stronger customer loyalty. Customer retention is more important than acquisition. On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase. For a customer to be loyal, you need to offer them something valuable— something that they actually wantContextual real-time interactions are vital for successful marketing campaigns. With contextual and personalized data, brands are able to build stronger customer loyalty because they know who their customers are and what they want.

An example of building customer loyalty would be Taco Bell’s mobile loyalty program, Explore. Explore allows customers to “unlock” free prizes just by posting an Instagram photo that mentions a certain hashtag (ie: #BFF, #SundayFunday) or checking-in at a popular festival on Facebook. Simultaneously, Taco Bell is able to be a part of that customer’s day-to-day social media routine and offer their product as prizes. 

3. Execute creative mobile campaigns. Really dig into the lifestyle of your customer and think outside the box of how to reach them via mobile.

For example, if you’re an alcohol brand, your customers more than likely go out at night and socially drink. You want your customers to be safe —so instead of offering them free beverages, you could offer them a free ride home through a driving app service. That’s exactly what Campari did this past spring and last Halloween. Through geo-targeting, Campari was able to unlock $5 Lyft rewards for their customers who were going out at certain bars to ensure that they would get home safe. That campaign drove in an element of social impact and still aligned with their customers’ behavior.

Rewarding your potential customers in-app, building vertical video ads, and trying out social media contests are just a few examples of how to execute creative mobile campaigns. Here’s a list of more creative mobile marketing campaigns that top brands successfully delivered.

 3 Ways Your Brand Can Leverage From Your Customers’ Mobile Behavior

Interested in leveraging your consumers’ mobile behavior? Enjoy a data partnership with Kiip!

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