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7 Quotes from Brian’s Product Hunt Live Chat

Posted on by Emily Hodges, Marketing & Strategy

Our CEO, Brian Wong, was invited to chat with Product Hunt earlier this month. And as much as we appreciate the dozens of inquisitive users who logged in during the live chat, we thought his responses were too good to not post on our blog. Below is a collection of our top 7 favorite quotes Brian shared in real-time. Thanks again to all those who joined in the conversation!

7 Quotes by Brian Wong

  1. "I don't like to look at mistakes as mistakes or failures as failures."

  2.  "I like to say that imitators need to earn their right to be a competitor. Similarly, folks need to earn the nemesis title."

  3. "Rewards market is evolving into an engagement market. It's not just about rewards anymore, it's about acknowledging the user and providing them with relevant content/actions in the moment."

  4.  "I always like to share that you can take some of what is perceived to be your biggest weaknesses and pull a jedi-mind trick and turn them into your biggest strengths."

  5. "We have always looked at ourselves beyond ads - and in fact, something different entirely. So when looking for the solution to ad-blocking, the answer isn't better ads, perhaps it's not even ads altogether."

  6.  "I believe the user doesn't need to prompt or ask for anything anymore - it should know what you want before you want it."

  7.  "Have a suitcase always open and mostly packed so you can jump whenever you want - have two sets of everything."

Read Brian's entire Product Hunt conversation here

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