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Announcing a New Kiip Product & Partnership with comScore

Posted on by Kiip Blogs, CEO

As our “moments matter” journey marches on, we’re excited to launch a new targeting product – Precision Moments Targeting (PMT). First and foremost, today’s announcement is about our ongoing priority to bring the best and most relevant rewards to users in Kiip-enabled apps and we’re constantly working toward completing the ultimate win–providing the right reward to the right person at the right time.

We built PMT as an aggregation of all the tools we’ve been using for the past three years, and its algorithm puts brands in front of highly sought-after demographics at the most engaged moments.

Here’s a look into what PMT allows brands of all sizes to do:

  • Demographics (yes, we realize that the basics are boring but important) – Target consumers based on age, gender, etc.
  • Moments Verticals/Categories – Tap into consumer’s moments in Kiip’s app channels in gaming, fitness, health, productivity, food/cooking and music.
  • Neural Net – Uses machine learning to understand more about what reward would be much more appropriate based on a combination of lookalikes and first-party data through our survey product.
  • Location – Target consumers by their current location, historical location habits (and even by the local weather).
  • Mindset/Sentiment Tracking – Target consumers in peak happiness moments when they are in a mindset where they welcome a reward, or reciprocity.
  • Historical Redemption – Target consumers based on historical redemption patterns (e.g., most likely to redeem rewards around lunch).

For an example of PMT in action, imagine a mom going about her daily routine–logging a workout in the morning, finishing a to-do list in the afternoon and using a recipe app in the evening. That’s an ideal targeting opportunity for a CPG brand, and our unique insights into those everyday app moments will make interactions that much targeted and relevant.

Now for some numbers: we’ve been testing PMT network-wide in the past month and our redemption rates jumped 32 percent. Why is that happening? Better than ever before, we can really hone in on rewarding precise moments at volume for all kinds of consumers. Now that the consumer is so real time and wants to be instantly gratified, the ability to redeem Kiip rewards on the spot is extremely valuable.

But that’s not all.

At 500 million moments per month, 60 million global users and 1,500 apps across six verticals, the Kiip rewards network continues to grow at a rapid rate. After building up this massive volume, we are thrilled to announce that our contributions to research and measurement of audiences in the mobile ecosystem have been recognized and validated through a partnership with comScore. As the global leader in digital media measurement and analytics, comScore has turned to us – the global leader in mobile rewards – to become one of their insights and media research partners to enhance both of our mobile products.

What does this mean for Kiip?
First of all, that our data rocks! comScore’s stamp of approval is a major third-party validation of what we’ve been able to build as a company beyond our own ecosystem. comScore handles more than 1 trillion interactions per month, and as a result, many advertisers look to them for official validation. Now, the Kiip network gets to play a key role in determining that.

What does this mean for the developers and users in our network?
We are committed to continuously improving the Kiip reward experience. Our collaboration with comScore will enable our ecosystem to flourish even further – more brands are able to be compatible with buying into moments in our network, benefiting everyone.

It’s a proud moment for everyone here at Kiip, and a big win for us in the brand and advertising community. Be sure to circle back here for more updates as we own moments, one by one.

Kiip achieving,
Brian Wong, CEO

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