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The 11 Best Boozy Ads This Summer

Posted on by Brittany Fleit, Marketing Lead

It’s that time again, when we round up our favorite new advertisements. This month, we’re showcasing ads revolving around everybody's favorite pastime: drinking.

Featuring videos from Molson, Johnnie Walker and everyone in between, these spots might just inspire a boozy workday lunch.

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1. Kona Brewing Co: Sad Hour

Up here on the mainland, we have our work-life-drink balance backwards. To show us the light, these two islanders explain why happy hour should be every hour. As they say, “One life. Don’t blow it.” So sit back, relax and drink some Kona.

2. Newcastle: If We Won

In what was arguably the funniest Independence Day ad this summer, British actor Stephen Merchant reflects on what would have happened if America never seceded. “Do you really have to celebrate your emancipation from us? That’s like your girlfriend breaking up with you and then celebrating with fireworks. Every year. For 300 years.” Maybe he has a point.

3. Heineken Light: Neil Patrick Harris & Director

This ad made the list in last month’s viral ads round-up, but NPH is a comedic genius who deserves a second chance in the spotlight. Watch him argue with the director in this clip over the logical fallacy of why he can’t drink alcohol in an alcohol commercial.

4. Molson Canadian: The Beer Fridge - O Canada

Molson has a history of some pretty creative marketing campaigns. Not too long ago, they set up fridges filled with Molson beer in foreign countries that required Canadian passports to unlock. In a similar vein, they’re at it again with fridges that only open when visitors sing the Canadian national anthem. Take off your hats, lads, it’s time to salute our brothers up North.

5. Southern Comfort: Shark

You may have seen this commercial recently; it hit the airways pretty hard during Shark Week. The ad features a glass of SoCo, a maraschino cherry and one hell of a manicure.

SoCo didn’t end the campaign with this ad, though. They adopted a shark appropriately nicknamed “The Sharktender,” tracked its migration around the ocean and invented location-themed SoCo cocktails for drinkers to try.

6. Johnnie Walker Blue Label: The Gentleman’s Wager

This advertisement isn’t your typical TV spot – it’s a complete short film. Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini compete for the keys to a boat. And not just any boat, but a boat “built in 1928. Designed by Baglietto Varazze. Italy. Nothing like it in the world. Rarer than rare.” The two make a wager for the boat … over a dance. What happens next is pure magic.

7. Coors Light: Ice Bar

Jean Claude Van Damme has made a comeback. No one who’s seen it can forget his epic split in last fall’s Volvo commercial. Now, he’s on the air again for Coors Light, using his bare hands to sculpt a mountaintop igloo as rock hard as his abs. Inside: Coors Light paradise.

8. Guinness: Empty Chair

We also shared this commercial last month, but it’s worth a second watch. Guinness made a rather patriotic Fourth of July ad, where a bartender waits night after night for a special guest to waltz in. Warning: the tissue box for this tearjerker is mandatory.

9. Cruzan Rum: Speed Dating

Cruzan Rum takes a cue from Kona with these commercials, urging viewers to slow down and savor the good things in life. The first of its series, this ad features a couple on a speed date who bond over their love for munchkin kittens. Aww.

10. Heineken: The City

What happens when one guy rushes around the city looking for the owner of lost business cards? He finds adventure in his own backyard. Heineken secures its second spot on the list this month with “The City,” a voyage set to Elvis’ deliriously catchy “Bossa Nova Baby (Viva Mix)”.

11. Sauza Blue: I’m All Ears

In a ploy to reach more female drinkers, Sauza hired a sensitive cowboy-model stereotype who just wants to listen to you talk. The advertisement is over-the-top silly, but I have to admit: I actually laughed. Among the best moments is when he whispers seductively into the camera, "let's redecorate the bathroom."

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