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Cannes Recap: 3 Key Takeaways For Brands To Kiip In Mind

Posted on by Ali Rayfield, CRO

Kiip was one of Unilever's Foundry 50 during Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity.  The Foundry 50 is an exclusive group of start-ups that have been selected to pitch to the Marketing & Advertising industry at CannesLions Innovation. Kiip was able to exhibit their technology, meet some of the world’s biggest agency leads, and pitch to Unilever leaders directly. Kiip was apart of the Brand & Content Innovation sector and will be featured in Unilever's upcoming "Start-up of the Week" newsletter.  Ali Rayfield, Kiips CRO, gives us an insider recap during her week in Cannes. Read on to learn about the major takeaways Ali discovered during her time in the South of France and how she connected it all back to the brand industry.


This year was my second visit to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and Kiip’s fourth. It proved, once again, to be extremely productive and inspiring. I am always amazed to see how many like-minded individuals and thought leaders come out for this event — a lot of them Kiip's industry friends and clients. It's a breath of fresh air to join a week-long festival with "creativity" as the main focus and to pick the brains of the people who I genuinely want to hear from the most. Through out the many conversations I held and the inspiring speaking engagements I joined, there was definitely three takeaways I gathered at Cannes this year.
1. Kiip it Simple

Ever walk into a modern art museum, see a painting, and think “I could’ve done that!”? Simple ideas are often overlooked, but in the end — those ideas can make the biggest impact.

I believe that innovation is sometimes answering a need with a new way of thinking. In Cannes, there were so many ideas that were so simple that it was just absolutely genius. After every presentation or idea that was discussed, I could see everyone’s thought bubbles read, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Listening to these amazing ideas grounded me and was a great reminder that Kiip’s next big product idea, marketing campaign, or sales strategy doesn’t need to be complicated. Kiip it simple, then make it even more simpler.

A couple of my favorite innovative ideas that were shared in Cannes were:
2. “Positivity & Serendipity” Is Key for a High Response

At Cannes, everyone was in their best mood. When you're in the South of France, how could you not be in a positive mindset? Naturally, you are more receptive to share ideas and to connect with new companies, brands, and services. The most productive meetings I experienced tended to be run-ins: the late night chats with execs, sharing finger food amongst partners, bumping into clients at industry yacht parties. I couldn't help but connect the energy in Cannes into the two themes that Kiip actually represents: positivity and serendipity.

At Kiip, we take the "positivity and serendipity" approach in our everyday tech and company culture. Kiip enables brands to acknowledge consumers when they have accomplished something on their mobile devices. This may be as simple as logging a workout, finishing a crossword puzzle or taking a selfie. Kiip actually saw that 177,103 selfies were taken during Cannes week!
kiipincannesThis "moment" would typically go unnoticed and unacknowledged, but the Kiip technology will introduce consumers branded offers when the consumer's interest and happiness is paramount.  As a marketer, this is the holy grail.  Reach someone when they are receptive and happy, and the reciprocity occurs.

3. Emotional Data Matters

Emotional data is on trend when it comes to consumer targeting, and it’s a trend that’s not going away. Consumers want brands to know what they’re already feeling or to change how they’re feeling. In an analysis of the IPA dataBANK, campaigns with purely emotional content performed about twice as well (31% vs. 16%) as those with only rational content.

At Kiip, we see emotions in the form of heightened sense of attention and achievement in the moments that we are able to reach consumers in. We believe inherently that the emotion felt on-the-go, on your phone, is incredibly valuable for brands that want to remain top of mind for the consumer as long as they are respectful in how they reach that consumer. Respecting the emotion is also critical, which is why Kiip believes that rewarding and being reciprocal is key.

Interestingly, at Cannes, I saw fascinating physical examples that melted into digital: Can a $4 candle inspire people’s feelings? Answer that question by watching how Glade creatively used their emotional data and technology to create an experience of a lifetime for museum goers.


Thank you Cannes! Because of you, Kiip is now a year wiser, more innovative and most importantly amongst the same special company. Until next year Cannes, Kiip will be back. Did you attend Cannes this year? Let us know what your key takeaways were in the comment section below!

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