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5 Cyber Monday Stats You Should Know

Posted on by Brittany Fleit, Marketing Lead

If you caught our recap of China’s Singles Day and what it foreshadowed for Cyber Monday, you’ll know that we were excited to see the results of this e-commerce holiday.

A week later, here are the results.


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1. Total sales

This year’s Cyber Monday was the biggest online spending day in history. According to comScore, the holiday reached over $2 billion in sales – the first day to ever do so.

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Stat 12. Mobile activity

Hey mobile marketers! 41 percent of online traffic and 22 percent of online sales came from mobile devices. IBM retail expert Jay Henderson believes that growth in mobile spending is what contributed to the rise in total Cyber Monday sales.

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Stat 23. iOS vs. Android

AppleInsider reports that iOS devices accounted for 78 percent of Cyber Monday mobile sales. This is compared to 22 percent on Android devices.

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Stat 34. PCs vs. mobile

Still, PCs killed it when factoring the amount consumers spend in each purchase. Consumers spent quite a bit on PCs, with an average order of $128.24. Compare that to $110.72 on mobile.

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Stat 45. Walmart

Walmart actually reached its highest online sales day ever, with 1.5 billion page views (they haven’t disclosed their profits yet). The kicker: Mobile made up 70 percent of its website traffic.

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Stat 5

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