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Fitness Apps Tell the Truth About New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on by Kiip Blogs, CEO

Another year, another round of New Year’s resolutions to get healthy and stay fit. With the increased adoption of mobile fitness applications, we can now use data to answer the common questions surrounding New Year’s resolutions. Do people actually follow through on their resolutions — do more people hit the gym, and if so, for how long? Kiip’s presence in fitness applications puts us in a unique position to answer these questions. For this post, we used a sample size of just under 10 million user sessions across a 90 day period starting on November 1st, 2012.

Workout Times Increase

From December 31, 2012 to January 2nd, 2013 total time spent in fitness applications increased 177% and sessions per day increased 45%. Interesting to note that these increases start on January 2nd (New Year’s day hangovers likely to blame!). Not only are more users working out, but their sessions are 96% longer for the two days after New Year’s celebrations. The green vertical bar represents midnight on January 1st, 2013.

So is this increase in workout time driven by existing users getting back on track, or from new users just breaking into the workout life?

User Growth Before and After New Year’s
The largest driver of user growth is from new users entering fitness applications — a 43% increase — while existing user sessions increased by 32%. Although the new user growth rate declined over the month of January, existing users has been steady, meaning many of the new users are still dedicated to their resolutions. While we don’t have offline data to compare to, it seems regularly recording workouts in fitness applications helps you stay on track.

Most Popular Workout Time is….

So now we know that New Year’s resolutions aren’t complete BS…A deeper dive into the data that Kiip collects surfaces some more interesting insights.
Turns out that the most popular workout time is 8:00PM. Naturally, not many people are working out between 2:00am - 4:00am. Workouts are most common on Wednesdays and Thursdays — possibly after the early week crush.


Kiip Moving Forward

The cross-section of data we collect across hundreds of applications continues to unearth interesting user behavior — this is the first of many posts that turns our big data into smart data.


For those interested in how we collect data, the Kiip SDK sends a timestamp when a user opens and closes an application; this is recorded as one session. From this data we calculate session length, sessions per day, and sessions per hour. We also collect when a new user appears in an application, which allows us to calculate new user growth, as well as user retention. Of course, the SDK also sends “moments” — in-application achievements (completing a 5k, reaching a workout goal, beating a level in a game, etc) that trigger a user reward. For example, we gave away Propel to fitness users in December. Just over 1 billion moments were sent across our mobile application network in 2012.

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