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5 Strategies to Increase Holiday Sales

Posted on by Brittany Fleit, Marketing Lead

As the holiday season approaches, brands race to offer consumers the biggest sales and exclusive offers by advertising everywhere from bus stops to commercials. Consumers are flooded with message after message, as they commute to work, browse the web and turn on the TV.

There is one place, however, where brands should concentrate their efforts. According to a study by eMarketer, 18-20 percent of holiday shopping occurs on mobile. It’s likely that this growth will rise with each year, so reach your customers where and when engagement is high.

Most marketers have already covered the basics: optimizing their mobile website, building cross-platform apps and sending push notifications or SMS to notify users of sales. Unfortunately, these tried-but-true tactics will only take you so far. Brands who want to excel at sales need to take their mobile game to the next level.

Kiip Holiday Moments

Image source: Flickr, user: JD Hancock

Luckily, at Kiip, we help increase holiday sales for brands with a few of our products, all designed specifically for mobile. So make your list and check it off twice – Kiip offers everything you need for successful holiday advertising.

1. Targeted campaigns

Developers who register with Kiip deliver rewards to users in their apps. These rewards are relevant to the app’s content, meaning brands can perform targeted campaigns towards their demographic. For example, users scouring a recipe app for that perfect Thanksgiving side dish could receive a free product sample as a reward for favoriting a new recipe.

By offering these tailored experiences, brands can be confident their advertising is seen by interested viewers.

Targeted campaigns Jellow reward

2. Humanized approaches

Kiip uses “Moments Targeting” to ensure that rewards arrive only at achievement moments – that is, when users have accomplished something in a mobile app. Research shows that during achievement moments, people are 40% more excited than they are during normal app usage. Due to this timing, rewards are delivered when users are most engaged, and therefore, more receptive to your brand.

This is especially important during the “season of giving.” When every advertisement features a blowout sale, it’s important not just to offer a reward (typically a free item or discount), but do so in a way that appeals to human emotion.

The consequences of this are incredible: Moment-based rewards are 14 times more effective at increasing purchase intent than traditional advertisements.

Mobile rewards infographic

3. Free samples and discounts

Kiip offers three kinds of rewards; the first is Real Rewards. Real Rewards are tangible items, like discounts to popular retailers, free samples that make for perfect stocking stuffers and mp3 downloads that power holiday playlists. When it’s not enough to advertise your name, a little incentive can encourage users to make that next purchase.

Cutting up coupons is passé. Shopping for presents with with Real Rewards makes life simpler.

Real Rewards American Apparel

4. Sponsored mobile moments

The second type of rewards, Virtual Rewards, are most often found in mobile games. Brands can sponsor Virtual Rewards by offering users extra currency within a mobile game.

During the holiday season, when families take time off of work and school, they spend more time on their phones. During one Thanksgiving, users downloaded an unprecedented number of games. Mobile traffic in the US rose by 48 percent, and mobile traffic worldwide rose 20 percent.

Since more users are engaging on their phones, it makes sense for brands to up their mobile presence at this time. Use Virtual Rewards to connect with consumers, so they’re reminded of your name when shopping for holiday gifts.

Virtual Rewards are extremely successful, with an average eCPM of $18.91.

VR stat

5. Rich media ads

It’s been proven that rich media ads as a whole perform better than stagnant ads – namely, banner ads. That’s why Kiip strives to create custom integrations that blend seamlessly into their respective apps. By using rich media, developers don’t create ads; they create branded moments that users welcome.

Sometimes it’s as simple as using animations and GIFs.


Marketers who want more compelling content can amp up ads another notch. For those who missed our more recent announcement, Kiip now offers its third product, Rewarded Video.

Mobile videos are one of the hottest ad formats right now, with video ads listed as app developers’ number one acquisition strategy, according to a study by AdColony. By combining the popularity – and effectiveness – of video with the proven capabilities of rewards, Rewarded Video is a ground-breaking new product.

How are you reaching your users this holiday season? Let us know tactics you’d like to see by shouting out in the comments below or reaching out to us on Twitter.

Kiip redefines how brands connect with consumers through moment-based rewards. Rewards increase engagement and purchase intent, and 84 percent of mobile users say they prefer mobile rewards over ads.

Hundreds of brands already use Kiip. To learn more, visit

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