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Kiip Launches a New Mobile Engagement Platform

Posted on by Brittany Fleit, Marketing Lead

Introducing Kiip’s new engagement platform. Available to all brands today, this scalable, mobile-first loyalty platform is powered by moments and rewards that brands fully control. It’s the natural evolution in Kiip’s mission to increase app engagement and customer retention.

Introducing Kiip Platform

Kiip has delivered 30 million rewards from brands to mobile users in the last four years. As a result, we’ve seen hundreds of brands increase purchase intent, thousands of developers monetize their apps and millions of users have happier mobile experiences.

Traditionally, brand loyalty has been driven by point accumulation. Consumers accomplish a task, gather points and redeem a reward months later. Kiip is changing the loyalty landscape by enabling brands to instantly gratify their consumers. Brand interactions are automated to appear in the moment, with no effort or points liability on the brand side.

Kiip’s platform gives brands more control. Brands can leverage Kiip’s Moments Targeting technology to define the moments in which consumers are most engaged, within their native apps and across third-party networks. The platform centralizes these moments in one place, where brands can deliver highly contextualized rewards that bring consumers back to brand-owned sites and properties. This occurs when consumers simply connect their social media accounts to brand apps.

  • In brand-owned apps, an airline can offer a free lounge pass to a passenger who checks a delayed flight status, saving the day.
  • On social media, that same airline can reward a free beverage to a traveller who tweets about their trip, routing them back into the airline’s app.
  • Across the Kiip network, that airline can distribute lounge passes or beverages to 3,000+ third-party apps to acquire new customers.

The platform captures rich profile data from Kiip’s proprietary network of 75 million active users. By targeting dynamic behavioral triggers, the platform aligns to customers’ daily activities, addressing real-time needs. Brands can celebrate consumer experiences with serendipitous acknowledgements, engaging users during their happiest moments.

This turnkey integration layers on top of any customer relationship management (CRM), thus enhancing brands’ existing loyalty programs. Brands that integrate Kiip’s platform can seamlessly acquire, engage and re-engage consumers.

  1. Expand mobile reach to acquire new users. Brands can respond to in-app interaction and off-app social conversations to grow their user base.
  2. Engage consumers instantly. The platform automates the connection between everyday moments and relevant offers, ranging from content to rewards that “wow” consumers.
  3. Simplify loyalty transactions to re-engage consumers. The platform puts brands in control, enabling them to design effortless redemptions that deepen consumer loyalty.

Brian Wong, Kiip CEO and co-founder, expressed his excitement over the project: “Kiip has always been centered around transforming everyday moments into rewardable experiences. This platform approach provides a new way for brands to engage consumers, by opening a dialogue within brand-owned mobile properties.”

To see what Kiip's platform can offer you, visit and talk with us here.

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