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Kiip 101: Kiip for Brands

Posted on by Brittany Fleit, Marketing Lead

You may have already seen our Kiip 101 post for developers. Now, it’s time to delve into how brands can benefit from moment-based rewards.

Our background: Four years ago, Brian Wong was stretching his legs on a long flight when he noticed nearly every passenger was playing a game on their phones. He found it odd that users submerged themselves intently into each level, but instantly clicked out when presented with ads. If games’ advertisements enveloped space without adding value, then why not make ads an engaging component of apps? It was then that Brian embarked on a mission to make ads that people, well … liked.

Today, Brian is the CEO of Kiip, a mobile advertising platform that generates 500 million achievement “moments” per month. These moments extend across verticals to reward users when they log a completed workout in a fitness app, check off an item from a to-do list on a productivity app or beat a level in a mobile game. By targeting these moments, Kiip reaches users when they’re 40% more excited than normal gameplay. These aren’t just any moments, they’re opportunities to engage users with what Kiip calls moment-based rewards.

Moment-based rewards connect a network of 2,500 apps with brands that users trust. Propel, Sour Patch Kids and Walt Disney are just a few of the 350 of brands that work with Kiip. These brands use Moments Targeting to determine the biggest milestones in apps and then surprise users with relevant rewards. For instance, upon creating a new playlist in a music app, users can receive a free mp3 download in lieu of a traditional commercial. Moment-based rewards do not disrupt in-app action, but arrive at a time when users are susceptible to brand influence.

The results are successful. Kiip rewards on average increase purchase intent by 82%. Traditional advertising, on the other hand – banners, videos and full-screen interstitials – only increase purchase intent by 6%.

Three of our most successful campaigns are Sour Patch Kids, M&Ms and Propel. When Sour Patch Kids wanted to build brand awareness and drive in-store purchases, they received a 12.4% engagement rate, a 73.2% email click rate and 126% increased purchase intent after integrating with Kiip. M&Ms used Kiip's Virtual Rewards to reach out to mobile users with their signature brand message. They received a 32.4% engagement rate and left 14.5 million impressions. Propel wanted to encourage fitness enthusiasts to try its product after completing workouts. Propel received a 14% engagement rate, 60% email click rate, and 51% increased purchase intent. Propel’s campaign with us was so successful, it went on to win Mobile Media Campaign of the year. It’s our goal to make each campaign this successful.

Creating a Kiip campaign is straightforward. Clients go through three steps: creative, tracking and account management. Each step is customizable, giving the brand full control of the campaign. For instance, during the creative process, Kiip can either make the creatives, or a creative house that the brand works with can design them. Once the creatives are approved, Kiip focuses on tracking to deliver optimal results. Clients may use Kiip’s personal dashboard or third party dashboards, like Google’s DFA where they can track multiple campaigns like Facebook, Kiip, etc. at once. On the dashboard, brands can clearly view statistics for impressions and acquisitions. Lastly, Kiip takes over account management to ensure brand comfort and generate a wrap report that encapsulates the process and highlights.

We offer extensive documents that guide the campaign process from beginning to end, and we’re always happy to walk advertisers through any questions they may have. As a result, our partners are incredibly happy with Kiip. One thought:

  • “We launched two campaigns concurrently – one for JewelMint and one for StyleMint – and they started driving new leads and subscriptions right away. It was very clear right from the get-go that it was something people liked interacting with and really drove a lot of value.” - Nicole Jacobs, Director of Online Acquisition for BeachMint

And what about users? Do they find find these rewards as personal as Brian had originally hoped? They’ve said:

  • “I like that Any.Do rewards me for getting things done. It adds [sic] a sense of accomplishment.”
  • “Full-page ads are super annoying. Ads are okay in my book, if they give me rewards, though!”
  • “Having Kiip rewards on your app will make we want to download it more.”

We believe brands should reward every moment. What are you waiting for? It’s your moment, too. Register with Kiip today.

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