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Kiip announces Clip-to-Card reward offering for retail partners

Posted on by Brian Wong, CEO

Today, we’re excited to announce the exclusive beta launch of Kiip’s Clip-to-Card product. With Clip-to-Card, Kiip becomes a premier partner for retailers to help drive in-store sales, giving consumers unprecedented redemption opportunities for rewards by clipping rewards direct to their loyalty card.

Say you’re a retail partner – with Clip-to-Card, you can offer consumers retail discounts as rewards based on what they’re doing in the moment that have to be redeemed in-store via their loyalty card with you. So as a consumer, if you receive one of these moments-based rewards, you simply tap the reward and you can have it instantly loaded or clipped to your loyalty card – it’s that easy and seamless. This means direct rewards and mobile coupon-clipping straight to your loyalty card as a consumer, and for partners, this means more foot traffic for you with guaranteed in-store redemptions.

Kiip is inviting four beta partners to premiere this Clip-to-Card product. Other features and benefits for beta partners include:

  • Store locator: make your offers immediately relevant by mapping users to the nearest location driving more awareness of your presence in a consumer’s city and effectively driving consumers in-stores.
  • Geo-triggered push notifications: consumers are reminded of your reward offerings when they’re near your store – and when they’re most likely to use them.
  • Retargeting: reach out to people who previously clipped your offer to remind them to use it.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 10.27.13 AM

To make this technology possible, we’re partnering with RevTrax, a company that specializes in delivering smart, personalized coupon offers in real-time. By working with RevTrax, we’ll be able to merge this coupon clipping technology directly into the Kiip ad model.

“As shoppers become more digital savvy, brands and retailers must continuously innovate in an increasingly mobile and eCommerce world," said Raman Sehgal, VP of Partnerships at RevTrax. “With analysts predicting mCommerce as 45 percent of online retail sales, it’s critical we provide solutions to set up all retailers for success, so we’re excited to power Kiip's mobile offers that drive shoppers in-store. These rewards allow brick-and-mortar retailers to create meaningful, measurable digital experiences, helping brands connect online behaviors to offline sales."

Right now a core problem brick-and-mortar stores face is that people come to their stores, browse and find products they like, but the transaction happens at home as they look for cheaper prices online. By leveraging Clip-to-Card and moments-based advertising, retailers can spread the love across in-store, online and mobile. And with Kiip’s in-the-moment approach, these brick and mortars can now reach 150 million unique monthly devices.

If you’re a retailer and would like to be part of our exclusive beta program for Clip-to-Card or to learn more about it, email us at

About Kiip
Kiip (pronounced “keep”) redefines how brands connect with consumers through a rewards platform that targets “achievement moments” in mobile apps. This innovative approach to mobile marketing creates meaningful engagements driven by positive emotion between users, developers and advertisers. Backed by Hummer Winblad, Relay Ventures, True Ventures, Verizon Ventures, Digital Garage, IPG and others, the company has raised $32 million in funding to date.

About RevTrax®
RevTrax empowers meaningful growth for brands by engaging their most valuable consumers with relevant promotional content and converting them into lifelong customers. A combination of our MarTech platform, data insights, and suite of analytics services provides a more effective and intelligent way for clients to test, target, analyze and measure promotional investments. The result is better planning, optimized budgets, great consumer experiences and higher ROI. Founded in 2008, RevTrax is based in New York City and was highly rated in Crain’s ‘Top 100 Best places to work in New York City’.

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