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Kiip Delivers Needs-Based Marketing at CES 2015

Posted on by Brittany Fleit, Marketing Lead

Wake up, it’s 2015. It’s time to revamp your marketing strategy.

This year, focus on “needs-based marketing.” Presented by Kiip CEO Brian Wong at the 2015 CES event, the approach enables brands to add value in real-time.

Brian Wong at CES

Image source: Flickr, user: Rooners Toy Photography

Connected moments exist in devices all around us. From Beam’s connected toothbrush to Nest’s smart thermostat, marketers have a unique ability to understand more aspects of user life: commuting, cooking, shopping and so on. The trick is to identify the needs within everyday moments and add brand value.

In some cases, it’s hard to imagine users getting excited while, say, brushing their teeth. Kiip has the solution. Each moment logged from a connected device represents a basic human need. A desire for better health, a lower energy bill or even recognition for doing the right thing. When marketers have discerned the moments they want to address, they can use Kiip to congratulate users in that moment.

“Needs-based marketing will become
the biggest industry shift in 2015.

How marketers can do this:

  • Analyze patterns of behavior
  • Respond to current needs
  • Reward serendipitously

For instance, with a product like Beam, marketers can locate when someone has logged 100 total hours of tooth brushing. With this data in mind, they can reach out to the user with a reward; in this case, a sample or discount from a toothpaste manufacturer. Reward modules enable brands to discover what their consumers want and gives it to them when they’re most likely to engage.

However, there’s one very important facet of rewards. The behavior should define the reward, not the other way around. Reward users for milestone moments in which they’re most excited, so you don’t create a predicted or incentivized response, but rather a genuinely happy and loyal consumer.

Last year, Kiip teamed up with Mojio to bring connected moments to cars. Drivers using Mojio get rewarded for their everyday victories, such as starting their car early for a morning meeting and driving the speed limit on a road trip. Rewards in Mojio are earned for loyal behavior and include prizes from beloved brands. Think a free coffee from Starbucks (which comes in handy during that morning meeting) or a discount for your next oil change from Jiffy Lube.

In the coming year, Kiip looks forward to expanding to more connected devices. Apple Watch and Recon Instruments’ Snow2 smart snowboarding goggles are just two of the devices we’ve already begun experimenting with, though nothing’s off the table.

Needs-based marketing will become the biggest industry shift in 2015, redefining how brands communicate with their consumers. How are you getting on board?

Kiip redefines how brands connect with consumers through moment-based rewards. Rewards increase engagement and purchase intent, and 84 percent of mobile users say they prefer mobile rewards over ads.

Hundreds of brands already use Kiip. To learn more, visit

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