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The Top Trends Across Kiip’s Fitness Network

Posted on by Kiip Blogs, CEO

Last year we posted an in-depth analysis of trends across the Kiip Fitness Network. Interesting insights included New Year’s Resolutions user behavior, most popular workout times and most popular workout days.

This year we moved beyond user behavior trends, and explored how the Kiip fitness category has grown as a whole.

Fitness Users Grow by Over 2x

We saw over 2X growth in fitness users compared to last year. The charge has been led by new app partners FitStar, Seven, Adrian Peterson Driven and Dwayne Wade Driven. Meanwhile, existing apps Nexercise, C25K and Gympact continued their growth.

New Users Month Over Month

While Year over Year growth was healthy, the Month over Month growth from December 2013 to January 2014 was heavily attributed to New Users entering the network with a 171% increase (New Year’s resolutions seeming a likely explanation). Similar to last year, these trends held steady throughout the month of January.

Huge Session Growth

Fitness users logged more than 65 million session in January 2014. This is up 387% from last year. Both new app partners and the natural growth of users contributed to this growth but the most interesting stat is the number of sessions per user. Kiip fitness users logged over 11.4 sessions per month compared to five sessions last year.

We expect to see more exciting growth. As connected devices get smarter, user adoption increases and Brands continue to show more interest in mobile fitness, the link between fitness and mobile devices grows stronger.

Here’s an example Kiip reward in Fitness:

That have been exciting for people:

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