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Kiip Steps Into Augmented Reality

Posted on by Brionna Lewis, Digital Marketing Associate

According to a study from the Data and Marketing Association, nearly half of all marketers recognize that they are falling short when it comes to innovation and technology and close to 75% say that they plan to increase their marketing technology budget in 2017.

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Marketers might want to consider investing in augmented reality in 2017.

The Pokemon Go brought augmented reality on mobile to the forefront in 2016. At it’s peak, Pokemon Go had over 45 million daily active users. While the frenzy of Pokemon Go has died, the AR possibilities that it introduced to the mainstream world have not. In fact, spending on AR technology is growing and predicted to be a $150 billion market by 2020. That means the next three years will see explosive growth in the AR space. That’s because advertisers are starting realizing that AR unleashes essentially limitless creative possibilities when it comes to delivering more captivating content.

Brands are talking about AR advertising like it’s something that isn’t coming til 2025, but newsflash—it’s already here.

Advertisers are already seeing results with AR, early adopter have seen average engagement times of 75 seconds—2.5 times the average of radio or TV adsIn 2016, one of the most successful brands to test AR via a Snapchat lens was undoubtedly Taco Bell. The lens—which turned user’s heads into a giant taco—was wildly popular. The lens was viewed over 224 million times in ONE DAY. The average user played with the lens for 24 seconds before sending or posting to their story and the campaign generated over 12.5 years of unique plays making it one of Taco Bell’s most successful campaigns...ever. 

A Sneak Peak of Kiip’s Augmented Reality Product

In an effort to help brands tap into the augmented reality space, Kiip is developing an all new virtual reality product to be released early this year.


[video width="300" height="450" mp4="" loop="true"][/video]




*does not reflect an actual Swiffer campaign

Why you should work with Kiip for your 2017 AR campaigns:

  • Its high engagement propensity complements and amplifies our already strong engagement rates
  • It appeals to our audience's love and appreciation of surprise & delight
  • It enlivens the magic of receiving a reward in a more immersive way

Interested in being a first to market AR partner with Kiip? Reach out to us at

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