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Kiip Up #18 – Kiip Getting Lucky + Developer Fund is Now More Magical + See You in Cannes!

Posted on by Kiip Blogs, CEO

Hello Kiipers!
Since we last chatted, Kiip’s world tour went off without a hitch and
has brought several massive new developments that we’d love to share
with you. First of all - hope you all had an amazing Mother’s Day. We
were proud to repeat our well-known Mother’s Day campaign with the one
and only the week before. We were glad that we were
able to thank our Moms with something a little extra and we couldn’t be
more happy about it. Here’s a bit more of what happened below:

As well, on the clients side, we’re stoked that we recently brought on
American Apparel onto our platform. Ryan Holiday, their Director of
Marketing, recently wrote this contributing piece about Kiip in Forbes.
We’re very humbled by it over here and are amazed at how well it
touches on most of the points as to why we are all treking hard towards
this vision over here at Kiip. We wanted to share it with you:

Forbes: Online Advertising’s Greatest Missed Opportunity?
Founder Brian Wong Answers

Speaking of more rewards - as I had teased in the last Kiip Up, our
developer fund’s deadline was extended from April 30th to the end of
this month. We also added on Amazon Web Services, Crittercism, Urban
Airship, Stackmob, and Localytics onto our pallette of goodies. As a
result, every one of our 20 winners will walk away with much much more
than just $5,000. Roy Bahat, President of IGN, and Perry Tam, Founder
of Storm8, have both also agreed to join a group of advisors that will
be spending time with the winners as well. We couldn’t be more pleased
by how the fund has evolved. Here’s some more coverage on the

TheNextWeb: Kiip extends deadline for its Build Fund, adds mentors
and services to the program
Techcrunch: Kiip Extends Developer Fund Deadline, Sweetens Pot With
Services And Advisors

This month, you’ll be able to find Kiip at:

This past month, we were able to share some stage time with other
amazing companies at #BigOmaha. I was really happy I was able to share
my message around getting lucky. It was fun to have a chance to reveal
a lot around the process of luck generation. If you’re curious, there’s
more in this wrap up article here: [11]Brian Wong: ‘Kiip Getting Lucky

Almost done! Our last update is around our coninued intiatives with the
Guinness Book of World Records - this past month we crowned several
mobile world records through our “triathlon” of sorts with the games
Slam Dunk Basketball, Mega Jump, and Monster Shooter. More on the
kickassery that occured, here:

MSNBC: Guinness to recognize achievements in iOS and Android games

Without further ado, here are our favorite links from the past few

  1. Our friends at Pocketgamer examined the revenue generation
    issues many app developers face. According to the story, which
    looks at research from App Promo, 6 out of 10 mobile developers
    don’t generate enough revenue to break even. The message as a whole
    is that developers need to be prepared to spend money to earn
    money, with top earners spending an average of $30,000 on
    marketing. But that’s not the only way for developers to make money
    if they monetize their apps with baked in revenue opportunities
    that create stickiness and brings value to end user. This is
    definitely an issue close to our hearts at Kiip as well and also
    one of the driving forces behind the launch of Kiip’s $100,000
    Build Fund

  2. Maybe these developers’ fortunes will change for the better
    as Madison Ave. is finally jumping on the social gaming
    bandwagon according to a recent story in Reuters. Their interest
    can certainly be tied to the number of people who play social games
    ballooning to hundreds of millions globally. But, for advertisers
    it’s not just the size of this audience that’s so enticing, more so
    it’s the fact that they can geographically and demographically
    target this hyper-engaged audience with brand messages in new and
    interesting ways beyond the banner. We’ve been spreading this
    gospel at Kiip since Day 1. Welcome aboard, Madison Ave. And, not a
    moment too soon since display ads are becoming irrelevant according
    to Percolate’s James Gross.

  3. Gross gets real about the future of display advertising or lack
    thereof with his latest contribution for Advertising Age’s
    DigitalNext. Why? Because there is no such thing as display
    advertising on most of the platforms where consumer attention is
    flowing from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to Pinterest, G+,
    Instagram. This new world with no special display unit box to buy
    is a big shift from a brand perspective and these platforms will
    all force companies to act more human and interesting in nature.
    All I have to say is, it’s nice to see the rest of the industry
    starting to come around to our way of thinking here at Kiip.

  4. Dan Greenberg from Sharethrough shares this exact sentiment.
    “Native advertising” is growing in prominence and
    high-trafficked destinations are beginning to figure out ways to
    create integrated advertising that is thought through in the
    product from the ground up - and not simply an add-on that’s
    managed by external code. Business models are thriving on creating
    new units. We believe it’s still less ideal to rely on traditional
    display and repurposing it for various platforms. It comes down to
    picking the most prominent sites and destinations that you realize
    your target market is spending the most time in. That’s the best
    starting point to being able to use resources wisely to make the
    most out of whatever native solution can benefit you the most - and
    mobile apps and mobile gaming could be it.

  5. Frankly, there’s no turning back now anyway. The era of AppNation
    (and Gamer Nation) has arrived, or so says All Things D and
    , which chronicles the rise of “AppNation” across Android
    and iOS between March 2011 and March 2012. The research proves that
    Mobile is now the ‘first’ screen with high engagement numbers and
    audience and should be a priority for marketers and not an
    afterthought accounting for just 5 percent of total ad spend or
    just $1.6 billion in 2011. Kiip innovating!

Excited to catch up with all of you wherever you’ll find Kiip around
the world in the coming month. We really appreciate all your support
getting here. Here’s to much more magic to come.

Thanks for reading!

Brian Wong, CEO

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