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Kiip Up #19 – Cannes Lions – See You There!

Posted on by Kiip Blogs, CEO

Hello Kiipers!

First thing’s first: we are going to be at Cannes starting today in the
afternoon. This is the first time that Kiip is presenting on the world
stage at this capacity and we’re super honored and super excited (to
say the very least). Kiip will be on stage on Wednesday morning
alongside Jim Trebilcock, CMO at Dr Pepper Snapple Group, and Nick
Pahade, President and CEO of Initiative North America. We’ll have a
chance to share the results of our successful launch campaign with the
client on stage - the first time we’ve ever done this.

Talking about firsts, Kiip is also holding a very limited-space yacht
reception Wednesday evening at 6pm. Space is limited so if you’re in
town and would love to drop by, please e-mail as soon as
you can. We’d love to have all of you, but the limiting factor will
definitely be space. Apologies in advance if we fill up, we still love
you =)

Here’s some recent press about Kiip that we wanted to share along with
a few tidbits:

  • Business Insider named us one of the most important figures in
    mobile advertising
    . I personally don’t feel like I belong on this
    list (we’re amongst amazing company) but nevertheless, certainly an
    honor, and we wanted to share it with you.

  • Adaline Lau from ClickZ Asia caught us in Hong Kong and posted a
    really awesome piece
    about our thoughts on a potential Asian

  • After speaking at Echelon 2012 in Singapore, e27 posted up a
    nice summary piece of our main talking points on incorporating
    emotion into user experience.

  • Venturebeat has a preview article about our panel at Mobilebeat
    on July 10-11th in San Francisco.

Without further ado, here are our favorite links from the past few

  1. For all the hoopla about people streaming video content on their
    smartphones, tablets, PCs and gaming consoles, gaming is still the
    preferred activity for all these devices, according to new
    research from PwC
    U.S. What’s most interesting is that people
    across the board spend more time playing games on the various
    devices than they do watching TV or movies on them.

  2. Whatever the activity, mobile is a dominant presence in many of our
    day-to-day lives and isn’t showing signs of waning anytime soon.
    Which means mobile advertising should also be capturing more ad
    spend as it relates to the increase in time spent on various
    devices, but that’s not always the case. Many people think mobile
    advertising is a huge opportunity in part because it is the medium
    where ad spend is lagging the most behind time spent. Business
    Insider explores the opportunity for mobile advertising with
    Nexage’s CEO Ernie Cormier and CMO Victor Milligan, who understand
    that billions of people will soon carry smartphones on them 16
    hours a day and that ad spend doesn’t have to catch up to time
    spent for mobile advertising to be a huge opportunity.

  3. All of this momentum and activity on mobile clearly demonstrates
    that consumers are moving beyond the stage of just checking emails
    or browsing for deals on their mobile devices. Instead,
    according to new research from, consumers are
    more interested in instantly acting on deals and offers that they
    can use right on the spot. For marketers, the study backs up the
    need for brands to deliver targeted, relevant deals to mobile
    shoppers. Of course, as expected, we’re huge fans of this over here
    at Kiip. We believe that instant gratification and hyper-targeted
    rewards yield the most effective results.

  4. One of the ways we’ve been able to effectively introduce native
    advertising vis-à-vis rewards to the mobile gaming world, was to
    work with indie game developers from the start to bake in Kiip
    rewards. We also recently launched an indie developer build fund as
    well. Sometimes it’s too easy to forget the little guys when we’re
    often bombarded with news from big guys like Zynga and Electronic
    Arts. But All Things D’s Eric Johnson recently made a
    compelling case for remembering the independent game developers.

  5. With all of this activity in mobile and mobile advertising, it’s
    important to find effective ways to measure all of these moving
    parts so you know where to put your brand and advertising dollars.
    To that end, comScore recently released Mobile Metrix 2.0, its
    next generation mobile behavioral measurement service. Analysis of
    the share of time spent across apps and browsers revealed that even
    though these access methods had similar audience sizes, apps drove
    the lion’s share of engagement, representing 4 in every 5 mobile
    media minutes.

  6. Mobile gaming is no longer niche, according to a survey of
    conducted by the Information Solutions Group. 44% of the
    surveyed group mentioned that they had played at least one mobile
    game in the past month - up from 29% from the year prior. This is
    great news about adoption - and not a surprise to any of us over

  7. Coca-Cola exec Tara Scarlett spoke at the MMA Forum recently
    and had this gem of a quote: “Plan with mobile as the first screen.
    The fact that the lowest common denominator offers the highest
    possible engagement is a big opportunity.”. We couldn’t agree more,
    and can’t wait to see that pushed into reality with the various
    vendors that you’re working with ;)

See you in Cannes!

Thanks for reading!

Brian Wong, CEO

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