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Kiip Up #21 – Big Launches, Big Things: Rewards in Your Pocket

Posted on by Kiip Blogs, CEO

Hello Kiipers!

Let’s dive right in. Hot on the heels of our fundraise announcement – we had briefly mentioned the existence of a rewards wallet we were
planning to launch later in July. We did just that – finishing off July
with a bang as we launched Kiip app, which we have endearingly
nicknamed “Kiipsake”. Kiipsake comes as no big surprise to many of the
users that have redeemed Kiip rewards – it’s a convenient place to
store all your rewards in one spot. We also made it a delightful way to
discover new apps and games within the Kiip network as well. Kiip
app launched for Android on July 24th, and iOS is coming soon. We’ll
kiip you posted in real-time.

The implications for brands and agencies from this wallet are very
exciting. It enables a lot more possibilities around redemption as our
real rewards product continues to gain traction with major CPG’s and
retailers. It brings both of these parties together in an even more
seamless way. If you’re interested, please reach out. What we were
imagining a year ago is now very much so a reality.

Speaking of brands - USA Today featured Kiip in a nice piece
profiling our partnership with Popchips in how we’ve worked with them
in helping them grow their brand on mobile.

Here’s some favorite pieces from the app launch:

Fast Company: How Kiip Ties Brand Rewards to Game and Life
Achievements to Make Mobile Ads Engaging

Forbes: Kiip Launches Kiipsake App for Real-World Rewards

TechCrunch: Kiip Debuts Standalone App To Find & Redeem Rewards From
Over 400 Mobile Apps & Games

USA Today: Kiip builds on its timely video game ad strategy

TheNextWeb: Kiip launches its own app to help you keep track of the
rewards that you’ve earned

If reading isn’t your thing, you can watch me talk about the app on
Bloomberg TV and USA Today, and for our friends up north in my
home country (Canada), here’s our BNN and CBC segments.

A lot to kiip up with, and we’re not slowing down anytime soon. Stay
tuned for some exciting things happening overseas. I’m in London this
week for an exciting announcement and I’ll be hopping up to Edinburgh
for Edinburgh Interactive. Come say hello!

Without further ado, here are our favorite links from the past few

  1. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about
    Facebook’s stock drop and their difficulty in monetizing their
    mobile network
    . More than half of Facebook’s 955 million users are
    using a mobile device to log in, yet Facebook hasn’t been able to
    connect that vast network with brands in a way that benefits users,
    advertisers and Facebook all at the same time. Unfortunately, until
    they understand that applying old advertising methods will not
    monetize mobile, I see this problem persisting. Facebook’s lazy way
    out would be to try to jam their social banner advertising model
    into their mobile presence. I think they have a huge opportunity to
    tap into existing behaviors on mobile. They do have a secret weapon. Facebook recently acquired a company called
    – an app that makes it super easy to send gifts to friends
    and loved ones. Facebook may be on the right track with that one if
    they know what to tap into properly. Here at Kiip – we built this
    business fundamentally on being a part of existing consumer
    behavior on mobile phones – why try to generate so much activity
    when all of that activity already exists in these moments?

  2. Our mobile behavior is evolving, and the leading category in
    daily app consumption is…guess what…games! 34% of U.S. mobile users
    are now playing games on their phones, and most of those aren’t
    “traditional” gamers. Imagine how much that will shoot up when
    people find out they can win rewards for playing!

  3. The mobile app economy is positively massive. It’s prompting a
    shift – people are now spending more time on their apps than
    online, yet only 1% of U.S. ad spending is on mobile. It’s an
    estimated $20 billion opportunity for advertisers – we are starting
    to see traction in our “moments of happiness” model and companies
    are starting to see that their investment will have great return.
    It’s a good time to be in this industry.

  4. Your cereal box has more than just a toy inside it now. Kellogg’s
    started a consumer loyalty program that allows customers to
    redeem codes found in their cereal boxes for rewards. It’s a great
    idea, except for the part where you can only enter the codes
    online. Most people bring their phones to the breakfast table.
    Could be an easy tie in!

  5. Why Mobile Beats Social: the title speaks for itself. Digiday
    has an interesting dialogue with Jay Henderson, Strategy Program
    Director at IBM, about how this holiday season, the massive traffic
    growth in mobile will drive sheer numbers in retail through
    mCommerce – a growing trend that will only become more and more
    palpable over time.

Let us know what you think about the Kiip app! I’d be curious to hear
your thoughts. We’re always working hard to make the experience better
and better.

Thanks for reading!

Brian Wong, CEO

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