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Kiip Up #23 – Delivering More Happiness

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Hello Kiipers!

Big news to start off: we just crossed our own moment of achievement – Kiip is now in more than 500 games and apps! (More than 550, actually.) We have tracked more than 120 million moments and are now serving six Kiip rewards a second, rewarding the world in greater numbers than ever before.

iOS6’ers rejoice! You can now send your Kiip reward coupons directly to Passbook with the touch of a button. It’s another step we’ve taken to ensure the redemption process is as easy as possible for users – TechCrunch said we are the perfect company to show off the potential of Passbook . They also featured Courtney Guertin, my fellow co-founder and CTO, in an “In the Studio” interview about his career and Midwestern work ethic. Definitely worth a watch.

Developers make sure to check my Q&A with Verizon Developer Community to see why the Kiip SDK is the gift that kiips on giving. Be on the lookout for new research that shows why integrating Kiip is a no-brainer for developers.

Have you seen our infographic about the science of happiness? I love it – you can discover the peak happiness hours in a day, which states are the most serendipitous and much more. One of my favorite books, Delivering Happiness (partially what inspired that infographic) featured it on their blog a few weeks back.

As for events – this week I’ll be in Austin for the iMedia Breakthrough Summit alongside our East Coast Director of Brand Partnerships Eric Shoicket. I’ll be paneling about the “Connected Consumer”, talking about how with a multitude of internet-enabled devices, the device actually fades away in the context of advertising.

I’ll then be keynoting at the DWS (Dublin Web Summit) later in the week on the topic of Humanizing Advertising. After this I’ll be representing at GroupM’s What’s Next Conference . I’ll be at a fireside chat in the afternoon.

Be sure to catch Eric Shoicket, Chris Kobran (our VP Sales), and me at FutureM in Boston on October 24th, speaking about how happiness moments are changing the world of mobile marketing. We’re also hosting a VIP reception there. Please respond to this e-mail if you’re planning to be in the Boston area that week. We’re sending out rolling invites in the coming days. Whether it be in Austin, Dublin, New York, or Boston – hoping to catch you in the coming weeks!

Without further ado, here are our favorite links from the past few weeks:

  1. A recent article in The New York Times tackled smartphone ads and their drawbacks. With two inches of width and one-third of an inch of height to work with, it argues display ads aren’t much of a canvas for creative marketers to promote their product. There seemed to be lots of frustration among those interviewed, including one ad agency exec who tells her firm’s clients “not to bother advertising on smartphones.” This is not a sound strategy considering the seismic shift that is underway with smartphones, but we understand that it’s clear banner ads are not working for advertisers. At first glance, the screen size is always the easiest to blame. We looked at it a different way; this is why we completely re-designed the delivery mechanism for brand engagement with rewards and reciprocity. Through the reward – there is an engagement that involves the consumer choosing to redeem, along with the transactional element, and the impact of the brand being there in the moment. Our platform is evidence that screen size is not an impediment, but a gateway to creating meaningful connections with mobile consumers.

  2. In related news, nearly half (47%) of major brands are dissatisfied with the progress of their mobile marketing efforts. They might want to take note of new research that indicates mobile requires a deeper look into motives, moods and modes to effectively capture the attention of mobile consumers. It’s what we’ve been saying since we started – moments over impressions. Where and when you reach your audience is just as important as what you’re offering them.

  3. A survey found that only one in five phone users remember mobile ads. And of those few that remember, more than half of them couldn’t recall which brands, products or services were being promoted in the ads they’d seen. The message is not getting through with these platforms, but we’ve found that people love (and remember) the brands that reward and thank them. Reaching users in a moment of happiness – as opposed to a random moment – does a lot for brand recall.

  4. A study conducted at the University of Missouri-Kansas City revealed that children’s brains are found to light up at the sight of fast-food logos. It suggests fast-food firms are tapping into the reward areas of the brain and that advertising is having a pronounced effect on children’s eating habits. In fact, children who tasted two identical burgers, one in a plain box and one with the famous golden arches, preferred the latter. Branding 101, eh? We’re also stoked to finally have McDonald’s on board as a brand partner. We’ve had a lot of traction in the QSR space with brands like White Castle, Carl’s Jr., and now McDonald’s.

  5. Facebook has finally figured out how to monetize mobile – they just announced that gifts can now be purchased as an additional way to celebrate the birthdays and congratulations that populate news feeds. You can send your friends anything from cupcakes to stuffed animals to Starbucks gift cards. We’ve found the joy of sharing a reward is almost as satisfying as earning one for yourself – this move definitely taps into that behavior. Facebook is capitalizing on existing behavior patterns – and we’re helping do the same in any moment engaged on a mobile device. Social moments are one part of it – imagine everything else that happens on the smartphone.

  6. A million new activated devices every day isn’t cool, you know what’s cool? A billion total activated devices. Google says 1.3 million new Android devices are being activated daily and having just crossed 500 million total Android activated devices , could hit 1 billion total activated devices by 2013. Be sure to get the Kiip app on Google Play!

  7. More Google news – they conducted their own study into the behavior of PC, smartphone and TV users , and found that 90% of participants used multiple devices sequentially and 81% used multiple devices simultaneously. In both cases, the smartphone was at the heart of these multi-device behaviors. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

  8. Speaking of simultaneous smartphone usage (here’s an awesome one), a study says that 33% of mobile phone owners would pick up calls during sex. According to the report, “mobile phones continue to infiltrate some of our most intimate moments.” At Marketing’s Mobile Conference in Toronto last month, I said that as the mobile device “becomes more and more intimate; it becomes closer to essentially our bodies” – I see some people may have took that literally ;).

  9. Ad Age wrote about Digital Labs, PepsiCo’s great program that works with young companies to further its beverage brands in the digital market. Kiip was listed as one of the “startup stars” working with Pepsi, and our own Chris Kobran has some great quotes about the amazing access we get from such a blue-chip client. Together with Pepsi, we’ve seen huge success in rewarding users who log their fitness achievements in MapMyRUN and Nexercise with a complimentary Propel Zero Water. 10% of Pepsi’s digital-media budget is invested with startups – they grasp the importance of having a mobile strategy and we’d love to see more big brands do what they’re doing.

Thanks again for all your continued, awesome support. p.s. a little fun tidbit. A very creative job candidate for Kiip put together a hell of a resume. Check it out. I think he may have raised the bar just a little bit =)

Thanks for reading!

Brian Wong, CEO

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