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Kiip Up #36: VivaKi, Smart Car Rewards & More Moments

Posted on by Andrew Macnider, Web Developer

Hello Kiipers!

Here’s what has been happening with Kiip over the last month.

Kiip Press and Happenings

Latest Notable Partnerships

  • We announced a partnership with VivaKi, the ad tech solutions company owned by Publicis Group – one of the big four ad holding companies. It’s all about introducing better engagement models to Publicis’ agencies and their clients, several of which we already work with (P&G, Mars). Check out the coverage in TechCrunch, ClickZ, MediaPost and The Hub.

Upcoming Events to Catch Kiip

Without further ado, here are our favorite links from the past few weeks:

  1. Yahoo introduced Gemini, which it calls “the first unified marketplace for mobile search and native advertising.” Exchanges and unified buying are important in our industry, and we’re starting to see more third parties weeded out in favor of direct access to the source. It mirrors our approach to make automated buying of moments easier.

  1. The Internet of Things is not only going to disrupt consumers’ lives, but the way ad agencies do business. MediaPost explores the ripple effects of this future hyper-connected world: "This means advertisers will have to stop making ads, and move toward designing services that create consumer value on behalf of their brands. The result will be designing for key moments of truth where consumer behaviors and connected devices intersect." Key moments? I think we’re in a good place for that.

  1. The latest in the traditional-digital media showdown has mobile marketing ad spending overtaking newspaper ad spending in the U.K. for the first time ever this year. The industry is finally realizing how often consumers look at their phones versus how often they open a newspaper.

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