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Kiip’s 5 Best Partner Rewards for Surviving the Holidays

Posted on by Brionna Lewis, Digital Marketing Associate

Once again, the holidays season is upon us. The seemingly joyous stretch of time between Halloween and New Year can be festive for many. But for some people, it can be a time of high-stress, anxiety and pure annoyance. Over 20,000 users responded to our survey to give their two-cents on holiday inconveniences. And we heard them! To ease the pain of the holidays and address these inconveniences, we have 5 partner rewards that allow brands be this season’s “Holiday Hero”.

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1. Free Data from Aquto

This is the time of year where family members start calling, people start traveling and mobile phone usage, including data, is at an all time high. Forty-eight percent of our survey respondents say that extra spending is their biggest holiday inconvenience. This partner reward prevents unexpected data fees despite increased data usage for holiday chatting and travel. And our users appreciate the help, 1 in 3  say they prefer free mobile data over any of our other holiday partner rewards.

2. A Stress Relieving Massage from Soothe

Holiday_Partner Rewards_10.19.16.006There’s no question that amount of anxiety the holidays can induce and a massage may be the trick to calm the stress, but many people just don’t have the time. One in eight respondents said “a busier holiday schedule” is their biggest holiday inconvenience. That’s why we offer brands the ability to calm holiday stress with $30 off their first Soothe Massage, bringing customers a 60-minute, on-demand massages right to their home, office or hotel in as little as an hour. This reward delivers “me-time” break to reset without any extra effort, inconvenience or travel demands.

3. Movie Tickets from Movie Cash

We all love family time, or maybe not, 1 in 10 survey respondents said that “entertaining guests” was their biggest holiday inconvenience. It’s hard to find local activities that families can do together and enjoy. Luckily, Kiip’s relationship with TPG empowers brands to reward users with Movie Cash. From e-tickets to streaming, Movie Cash will allow users to effortlessly entertain guests for two hours at a time.

4. Free Uber Credit

Transportation costs can be a major burden during the holiday season, getting to and from the airport, home from holiday parties and out shopping. Cab fare can add up. That’s why this reward is a holiday favorite. Through our collaboration with Uber, brands can gift $15 Uber credit to new users and $5 credit for returning Uber users.

5. A VIP Airport Experience from LoungeBuddy

One in five users said that “holiday travel” is their biggest holiday inconvenience. The airport can be a miserable place during the busy holiday season, but it doesn’t have to be. With Kiip, brands can help travelers enjoy VIP status by rewarding $15 off entry to the airport lounge of their choice. This reward can help ease travel hassles and frustrations with free food, wifi, showers, cocktails and more.

Is your brand interested in becoming a Holiday Hero this season? Here at Kiip we can help you just that! Reach out to us at

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