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Increase Brand Affinity By Leveraging Food Moments

Posted on by Mandy Chin, Digital Marketing Intern

Our cultural obsession with food has taken on a life of its own and "food moments" have now become prime opportunities for brands to engage with consumers. When someone uses an app to make their grocery list for the week, plan meals, or seek out new recipes, brands can be there as consumers are making decisions about lifestyle and weekly purchases. Seamlessly integrating your brand into a customer's life is an essential building block to growing consumer affinity and long term loyalty. 


Food Evokes Emotion Driven Purchasing Decisions

People are exposed to 5000+ ads and brands per day. With all that noise, it has become crucial for brands to appeal to consumer emotions. Neuro-imagery shows that consumers primarily use emotions (personal feelings and experiences) rather than information (brand attributes, features, and facts) when evaluating brands to make purchasing decisions and there is a strong connection between the foods we eat and our emotions. Food moments are a very sensory experience and can evoke feelings of comfort, nostalgia, creativity and experimentation.

How Does Kiip Maximize Food Moments?

Kiip is integrated in a robust network of food apps and provides brands with an audience of highly qualified, targeted users. We use rich media and data to create impactful campaigns that yield high engagement. A unique quality about the Kiip network is that brands can effectively target household decision makers who make food purchase decisions for their families every day.

  • 58% of surveyed Kiip users are the primary grocery buyer in their household
  • 18% are ages 18-24, 27% are ages 25-34, and 21% are ages 35-44
  • 62% prefer cooking a home cooked meal over going out to eat
  • 56% enjoy cooking more than the average person
  • 21% eat in 6-7 days out of the week , 38% eat in 4-5 days out of the week, 31% eat in 2-3 days out of the week


Reach Health Conscious Consumers 

Cindy is a student who wants to be healthier so she starts experimenting with recipes and teaching herself how to cook.  While she is using her favorite food app to make vegetarian lasagna, an athletic clothing brand might reward Cindy with a discount on their new spring collection to encourage her pursuit of a healthy, active lifestyle.

46% of surveyed Kiip users try to make healthy meals when dining at home and this intentional choice towards healthy living reflects a larger cultural shift. eMarketer reports that millennials are rewriting the food industry playbook and brands are clamoring to keep up. They say that "millennials are much more likely to value features such as “GMO free” and “locally sourced” compared with their older counterparts. And more than three-fifths said they are willing to pay more for organic, natural, sustainably and locally sourced food." Leveraging food moments can be a way to keep your brand relevant and top of mind in a changing landscape.

Turning Ads Into Dynamic, Tailored Experiences 

With Kiip's rich media solutions, brands can now target users based on geography and weather. As the weather begins to warm up, frozen dessert brands might reward users with a complimentary frozen dessert when the weather climbs to a certain temperature. Connected devices are another place brands can leverage to engage consumers. When a person's smart refrigerator alerts them that their lettuce is about to go bad, a brand could reward them with an info tip on fresh foods that last long and are currently in season. 

91% of surveyed Kiip users said that they enjoy receiving Kiip rewards so advertise with confidence knowing that Kiip will enhance your customer journey. 


Food Moments In Action

Meet All The Cooks, a cooking app that partnered with Kiip to reward users when they shared recipes with friends and uploaded photos of food they made. For brands looking to advertise with Kiip, you can trust that your brand experiences will be met by enthusiastic users in awesome apps like this one!


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