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MasterCard & Kiip: Bringing “Priceless” Moments to Mobile

Posted on by Brian Wong, CEO

Kiip and MasterCard are partnering to launch a new app: MasterCard’s Priceless Surprises. Priceless Surprises is MasterCard’s venture into a new category of mobile loyalty. It empowers MasterCard to add excitement to everyday actions, by harnessing Kiip Platform.

Kiip and MasterCard partner to bring mobile loyalty to Priceless Surprises

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In 2010, Kiip pioneered moment-based mobile rewards. These moments have enabled brands to reach their audiences with content consumers actually like. We’ve been witnessing the tremendous success of reward advertising for nearly five years: brands, developers and users alike all prefer rewards to traditional ads.

Now, with the release of Kiip Platform, we’ve taken our expansive moments and user database to connect brands and consumers in a new way. Loyalty.

“We're defining what the next generation
of consumer loyalty will look like.

We built Platform because we truly believe that loyalty isn’t about incentives. A consumer shouldn’t follow a Pavlovian school of thought by participating in an activity in order to get a reward. Instead, rewards should be serendipitously delivered for activities in which consumers naturally participate. As such, Kiip Platform enables brands, like MasterCard, to engage consumers for their existing behaviors in real-time. Users respond overwhelmingly to this method of engagement. There’s even a study to prove it.

We announced Kiip Platform a few months ago as a mobile-first loyalty tool for brands. Since the release, our goal has been to help brands capture new leads and engage existing consumers, inside brand-owned properties and across Kiip’s network of 3,000+ apps. Our partnership with MasterCard is a prime example of how brands should reward consumers with loyalty campaigns.

Both MasterCard and Kiip deeply believe in this revolutionary approach to mobile loyalty – that we can capitalize on the meaningful, joyous moments in consumers’ lives. In each of our eyes, this match is a perfect union of company values.

When we teamed up with MasterCard, we realized that this partnership was something more. Kiip and MasterCard share the same core philosophy. Kiip Platform locates consumers’ everyday wins to “surprise and delight” them in innovative ways. Similarly, MasterCard seeks to connect people to “Priceless” possibilities. The two tactics complement each other and thus enable MasterCard to deliver real-time rewards on mobile in a highly scalable and natural way.

The commercial above is from MasterCard’s first ad in its “priceless” campaign. It originally aired in 1997, but the catch phrase is still alive and well, 18 years later. The reason is clear: viewers respond to moments.

Every moment existing throughout MasterCard’s “priceless” campaigns has been grounded in one element: genuine human emotion. The Priceless Surprises app is the expansion of that emotion into a mobile-connected world – with real priceless surprises. By launching MasterCard’s timeless campaign onto a new medium, Kiip is solidifying the iconic brand’s relationship with its consumers.

Kiip is thrilled to be a part of the release, by defining what the next generation of consumer loyalty will look like, and excited to bring innovation to each chapter that comes after.

Our relationship with MasterCard is a prime example of how mobile-focused brands should treat consumer loyalty. It’s all about moments.

Kiip redefines how brands connect with consumers through moment-based rewards. Rewards increase engagement and purchase intent, and 84 percent of mobile users say they prefer rewards over ads.

Hundreds of brands already use Kiip. To learn more, visit

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