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Enhance Your User Experience With Mobile Moments

Posted on by Emily Hodges, Marketing & Strategy

"There's not a normal human who sees a banner ad on their phone and says, "YES!” Brian Wong, CEO at Kiip

It's no secret that brands and developers should have revolutionized their ads years ago. Users have been blocking ads instinctively with their own eyeballs well before the rise of the ad blocking controversy. Kiip's proven solution is to create moments of delight through rewards to prevent mobile users to feel the need to block ads. Mobile rewards seamlessly integrate into a user's everyday lifestyle, serendipitously creating micro-moments that are non-disruptive.


The key is to offer users what they want without disrupting their mobile experience.
Users are most likely to engage with brands when they are experiencing a positive emotion during their session, so it's best to grab their attention upon a moment of achievement or completing a task. Developers and brands could also make their rewards a lot more relevant through contextual data. (i.e.: location, time of day, or weather.) For example, if the user’s phone is aware that it’s cold outside, that data could be used to trigger an offer for a free hot chocolate.
Mobile Moments | Kiip
Want to see how exactly mobile rewards look like? Click here for a quick demo!

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