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Kiip’s 5 Favorite Mother’s Day Ads

Posted on by Brittany Fleit, Marketing Lead

Just in time for Mother’s Day, brands are getting together to honor the hardest working woman in your life. Break out the tissues, guys.

The best Mother's Day ads of 2015

Samsung: #TextsFromMom

Samsung pokes fun at Mom in this video by showing all the ways in which your mother has probably messed up texting. From accidentally sending blank messages to asking how to hashtag your sibling, the all-too-familiar examples will make you crack a smile in time for Sunday.

Pandora Jewelry: The Unique Connection

It’s a simple concept: blindfolded children use touch to pick their moms out of a lineup. Yet it’s a heartwarming spot guaranteed to make you well up. Watch as little ones touch hands, hair and jewelry to rediscover their lifeblood.

Tempur-pedic: Moms – You’re Important

Tempur-pedic, you’re a little sly.

In this commercial, the mattress brand tricks a few lucky moms into thinking they’re interviewing for a game show. But moments in, they reveal interviews from children, thanking their mothers for their years of endless love and sacrifice – even when it meant getting little-to-no sleep.

In the end, there’s tears, hugs and some brand new beds.

The Body Shop: Mother’s Day for HM “The Queen”

It’s shot like a home video with impersonators playing the royal family (Queen Elizabeth, Princes Charles and Harry, Camilla and of course the corgi). Together, they get ready for the Queen’s big day, fumbling around the palace to cook breakfast, bathe the dog and sign a card.

Their gaffes are endearingly familiar and it goes to show: no matter who you are, you can treat your mum like a queen.

Hefty: Turnt

Mom learns some new slang in Hefty’s new series full of glorious juxtapositions. While folding laundry, bringing in the groceries and reading a book – the typically mundane activities moms get stuck doing in most commercials – here they ramble on about ragers from the night before.

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