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Own the Moment: LIFX

Posted on by Brionna Lewis, Digital Marketing Associate

Own The Moment is a celebration of innovation. This series will spotlight different companies that we feel is not only unique in their industry, but are also seamlessly taking advantage of today’s technology to own specific moments that mean the most to them. As “the moments company”, we love to see others building moments — big or small — with creative concepts and advanced solutions. In this episode of Own the Moment, we are spotlighting LIFX.


Who is LIFX?

LIFX (pronounced Life-X) is a line of energy-efficient, multi-color, Wi-Fi enabled LED light bulbs that can be controlled via a Wi-Fi equipped device like your smartphone or smartwatch. The inspiration came to the creator one day while thinking about how the light bulb was one of the greatest inventions of all time, but hasn’t changed much at all since it’s invention. We turn them off. Turn them off. Change them when they burn out. That’s it. They also use tons of power. He knew that he could do better. So after six months and a dozen protypes, he had created the smartest most energy efficient light bulb.

In 2012, they made the first wifi enabled, low energy LIFX light bulb with the lifespan of over 40,000 hours.



Why does Kiip think LIFX is owning the moment?

With over 16 million colors, LIFX allows people to have the right lighting for the right moment with nearly unlimited personalization. You can schedule your lights to slowly turn on when it’s time to get up in the morning and turn off all the lights in the house at once at bedtime. You can set your lights to flash or flicker certain colors to alert you when you have a phone notification such as a text message or an email. LIFX also allows for hands-free activation so your lights can come on automatically when you enter the house without having to fumble in the dark for the light switch. And with the “if this, then that” settings, you can customize lighting for almost any occassion. For example, “if it’s raining then set lights to blue”. All of these features and more allow for the ultimate customization of your lighting experience and how LIFX is truly owning the moment.

Do you love it as much as we do? What do you think of LIFX?

This is not a sponsored post and we are not partnered with LIFX in any way.

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