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Why Pepsi Chooses Moments

Posted on by Brittany Fleit, Marketing Lead

This week, we sat down with Josh Nafman, Senior Digital Brand Manager at Pepsi. He was kind enough to talk to us about marketing with Kiip and where the industry is heading.


What have been some memorable campaigns since you started working at Pepsi?

There have been quite a few. One was an Under the Cap program called "Brisksaber." Brisksaber was a partnership with Lipton Brisk and Star Wars, where we created a Fruit Ninja-type game for the iPhone. Players had to unlock levels by buying products in real life; when they bought more iced tea, they could advance further in the game for higher scores. The campaign proved that digital can actually drive sales.

How does advertising on mobile benefit your brand compared to other mediums?

Our target demographic is millennials. Millennials trend towards mobile instead of desktop. They carry their phones with them everywhere, so they’re “always-on." We’re able to reach them whether they’re at home, at work or hanging out with friends.

How does Kiip fit into your media buying?

It fits in when we have an awareness campaign or sample offering. Kiip is really strong with coupons and getting the word out about a new product.

What do moment-based rewards mean to Pepsi as a brand? Why did Pepsi choose moments?

Moment-based rewards matter a lot to our brand, as people consume our product during “demand moments.” Most people don’t drink Pepsi at six in the morning. They usually have it in certain settings, like during a pizza party. Our demand moments are gatherings when people have fun together. That’s the reason that moments are so important to Pepsi. Kiip gets that.

Kiip has run several campaigns with Pepsi and Pepsi-owned products. Do any of these jump out in your memory as campaigns that were exceptionally great for the Pepsi brand?

There was a Diet Pepsi program that did extremely well and because it was so well-targeted. It drove one of the highest redemption rates that we’ve ever seen.

[Note: The campaign in reference was a Valentine's special, when Pepsi gave high scorers in mobile games coupons for free flowers, chocolate and Diet Pepsi. 50,000 players redeemed the coupons, leading to the highest coupon redemption in Pepsi history.]

“Kiip built a relationship with us.

What do you enjoy about working with Kiip, compared to campaigns with other mobile monetization companies?

A lot of programs just go through our media buying agency. I like that Kiip built a relationship with us, rather than just take our money.

What current mobile advertising trends do you find most exciting?

From the marketing point of view, there are location-based technologies that track where you are in a building – down to the floor and room. Pepsi is driven by consumer packaged goods. Being able to know where someone is gives us insight into how to market in better and less invasive ways.

On the consumer side, there’s a movement to make technology less disruptive. There’s technology that not only monitors usage on your phone, but figures out more subtle ways to alert you. For example, when a favorited contact calls you during certain periods, your phone vibrates, while everyone else goes to voicemail.

Where do you see advertising heading?

Consumers are overwhelmed by the amount of advertising they see. Marketers have learned that advertising doesn't need to be disguised, it needs to compete. Now, advertisers are moving towards earned media. Pepsi, for instance, is heading into the content realm. We know if we create good content, people will enjoy it.

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