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#FF: These Stunning Ads Are Hiding in Your Twitter Feed

Posted on by Brittany Fleit, Marketing Lead

Since we always recap the best new commercials every month, I thought it was time to switch it up. The (mostly) print ads in this post were all recently taken from three Twitter handles you need to follow now: @Brilliant_Ads, @Adsoftheworld and @AdFreak. It's our own version of #FF (Follow Friday).

While the ads below cover the full spectrum, from cute to moving, they all have one thing in common: they’ll make you look twice. In essence, that’s what a great ad does. It floats around your mind long after you’ve driven by that billboard, turned the magazine page or watched a quick preview. Though its presence is fleeting, it makes you think, and for that reason it’s beautiful.

Emily's Oz

When you finish viewing these ads, be sure to check out those Twitter handles. There are thousands more inspiring images waiting for you.

From Brilliant Ads:

1. “Think Before You Print”

Think Before You Print

The iconic tree in the Lebanese flag just got a makeover in this environmental campaign by BobnBab.

2. “Become Someone Else”

Become Someone Else

For the literary lovers, from Mint Vinetu.

3. “Wildfires Burn More Than Trees”

Wildfire Burns More Than Trees

It’s almost too easy to glance over the match sticks the replace this hedgehog's quills. This print ad from VWS makes your heart grow a few sizes for our furry (and prickly) forest friends.

4. “Vacuum Your Persian”

Vacuum Your Persian

Eta Vacuums get a little playful showing off their pet care extension system.

From Ads of the World:

5. “Self-Healing Paint”

Self Healing Paint - Nissan/Elvis

Nissan’s series depicts wildly successful musicians, actors and athletes alongside rejections they faced early in their career. Reminds us a bit of Under Armour’s recent campaign with Gisele, Misty Copeland and more.

6. “If You Spilt His Coffee”

If You Spilt His Coffee

There have been a handful of anti-domestic violence ads since the Ray Rice scandal in particular, including a few standout prints by Cover Girl. But this ad, from Gates ETH Foundation, speaks volumes visually. It reminds viewers how trivial "excuses" for violence are: “if you split his coffee,” “if you tore his shirt” and so on. Rather than just showing another bruise from a hurt victim, Gates places blame directly on the abuser, while using only a handful of words next to a hotline number.

7. “New Books, New Friends”

New Books, New Friends

When you have trouble making friends at school, you can always find them beneath the pages. From Yokohama City Board of Education.

8. “Campbell’s Tomato Soup Can”

Campbell's Soup Can

Here, the Panamericana School of Art and Design deconstructs one of the most famous pop art paintings of all time. To top it off, the campaign cleverly reads, “Creativity. It’s worth a lot more than it costs.”

From AdFreak:

9. “Assembly Fail”

Ikea Assembly Fail
Ikea created a series of billboards for anyone who’s ever messed up while trying to assemble their furniture. So … pretty much everyone, right? At least Ikea is able to poke fun at itself.

10. “Emily’s Oz”

This video is too fantastic not to share. Xfinity lets viewers understand how the visually impaired watch their favorite films. Here, a young girl lets us into her colorful mind to see how she envisions The Wizard of Oz. Her depiction is – almost impossibly – even more magical than the movie.

Do you have an ad handle that you follow daily? Let us know in the comments below.

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