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Why Rewards Are Better: A Study with IPG Media Lab

Posted on by Brian Wong, CEO

Hello from Cannes!

I am so excited to finally share what we have been working on with IPG Media Lab for the past several months. On Monday, Chad Stoller, Managing Partner at IPG Media Lab, joined me on stage to unveil the results of a comprehensive consumer engagement study that quantifies what we have been saying for years: mobile marketing is about moments.

Four years ago, we set out to create a mobile solution that connects brands with consumers during their happiest mobile moments, such as leveling up in a game or logging a finished workout in a fitness app. Today, Kiip-enabled apps generate over 500M achievement moments per month and we have the science to prove why Kiip’s moment-based rewards platform is the most effective marketing solution on mobile.

We asked ourselves three simple questions:

  1. Are people more excited during an achievement moment?
  2. Do people like rewards?
  3. What effects do moment-based rewards have on brands?

What we found was this:

  • People are 40% more excited during an achievement moment vs. normal app usage.
  • 84% of people prefer rewards over banners and full-screen interstitials.
  • Rewards increase user respect for brands whereas banners decrease respect by 7%.
  • Moment-based rewards are 14x more effective at increasing purchase intent than banners.

Below is a visual overview of the study and a link to the full research.

We all have a story to tell. Kiip helps you tell your story during the moments that matter most.

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