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Tis The Giving Season: 2017 Charity Habits on Kiip’s Network

Posted on by Lauren Farricker, Marketing & Consumer Insights

Last week, we announced a week-long charity initiative with Sweatcoin to raise donations for Feeding America. This got us thinking — how do people approach charitable giving during the holiday seasons? Do they prefer to give online or in-person? How important is the reputation of the charity when it comes to deciding to donate? Do people love animal charities as much as we do? We turned to the Kiip network to find out.

This data was collected by surveying Kiip’s mobile users spanning across over 5,000 premium apps. Results are based on 242,000 responses.

Tis The Giving Season

72.3% of Kiip’s network plans on charitable giving this holiday season, whether that be donating money, volunteering, or participating in an office donation (canned food or toy drive). Donating money was themost popular option, with volunteering and office donation coming in second and third respectively.


Online or IRL?

How people donate varies — 42% report being more likely to donate in-person, and 24.7% refer to donate online. However, a third of respondents (33.2%) report no reference. With a nearly even three-way split, we can look to other factors as primary drivers in what compels the Kiip network to make a donation.


Reputation Over Region

56.4% report that the reputation of the charity is very important to their consideration prior to donating. 11.3% do not care about how close the charity is to their physical location showing that the reputation of the charity is much more important than the charity’s location.


We’re All Suckers for Puppies

86% of Kiip’s network say helping a cause in which they personally believe is very or somewhat important. Turns out, a good portion of Kiip’s network believes in the goodness of animals. The top three most popular charities in Kiip’s network are Animal Charities (32.6%), Health Charities (20.8%) and Humanitarian Charities (18.2%).


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