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Getting in the Holiday Spirit

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For some, getting in the holiday spirit means busting out the ugly sweaters and hanging up mistletoe. For others, it’s taking time to reflect on the year and spend time with loved ones. For many, pairing these activities with a glass of wine, eggnog, or pilsner is an essential part of building holiday cheer. In fact, between Christmas and New Year’s alone, U.S. wine sales generate more than $1 billion in sales. For the same time period, spirits sell just shy of $1 billion.

As we approach the holidays, how are consumers choosing to celebrate with friends and family? Are they doing it in bars, or in the comfort of their homes? And, how can marketers best reach these consumers on mobile? We turned to the Kiip network to find out.

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Bring on the Hot Toddies

36% of people surveyed plan to go to a bar over the holidays season, the majority of whom will do so with friends. However, 22% plan to make it a family affair.

Knowing consumers are looking to make an event out of going to bars over the holidays presents an opportunity for retail brands to leverage this in their messaging. For example, a retail brand could target consumers in shopping apps with stylish suggestions for outfits that seamlessly transition from time with family to a night out at the bar with friends.

Santa’s Not The Only One Looking For a Late Night Snack

Bars and late-night dining go together like beer and pizza. In our research, we found late-night fast food ordering skyrocketed by 479% pre-holiday to holiday, indicating a huge validation for the season’s unconventional popularity for late-night) dining.

Alcohol brands can leverage this insight with location-based targeting to engage with users at bars and offer them a credit for a rideshare to get them home safely. Additionally, QSR brands can target mobile users who are active during peak bar hours from 10pm - 2am with a list of convenient locations to pick up a late-night meal before heading home.

The Weather Outside is Frightful, But The Fire Is So Delightful

The majority of alcohol consumed over the holidays will be done within the home or at private gatherings. When asked what consumers planned on bringing as a gift to a holiday affair, alcohol came out on top. Going back to what I mentioned earlier about U.S. wine sales hitting $1 billion in a single week, it should come as no surprise that wine is the most popular alcoholic beverage brought to a party, with 55% of respondents who plan to bring alcohol stating win as their beverage of choice.

Alcohol brands can leverage this insight in media target consumers in-app during party prep moments like listening to a pump-up playlists or a beauty tutorial.

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