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How We’ll #PressForProgress in 2018

Posted on by Katie Kerr, Marketing & Branding


Kiip’s mission is to revolutionize the relationship between brands, developers and consumers through meaningful, memorable engagements during moments that matter. The result is a better, polite, and more impactful advertising experience for all. As we press for progress in our industry, we’re also constantly pressing to cultivate a workplace that can support this vision.

In honor of this year’s International Women’s Day, we asked our leadership team one question -- how will Kiip #PressForProgress in 2018?


Brian Wong, Founder & CEO

At Kiip, it is not an option but imperative to our core mission and business to maintain a diversity of backgrounds to ensure that we can better serve our customers, and at the same time maintain a healthy culture and environment that anyone can feel comfortable doing their best work in.

We need to lead by example and show that progress is already here, and not something that people talk about and hope for the best. We start by ensuring the candidate pools we source from are already representative of all backgrounds. It all starts with the source.

We want the industry to get to a point where this is not a focal point but rather a given. We are excited to be contributing to this goal.

Ali Rayfield, CRO

Kiip has always been proud of our diversity and ability to foster a love for coming to work everyday. We take equality and career enhancement very seriously and always look at situations with an equal lens. Kiipers have advanced from interns to VPs. We have experienced employees stay for 5+ years because of the culture of growth and progress. It is an important year for Kiip and it’s perfectly aligned with the International Women’s Day theme of #PressForProgress.

In 2018, Kiip will #PressForProgress in several ways. We’ll continue to support women’s career development by looking at hiring with 50/50 lens. From engineering, to marketing, to sales, women are seen as equal. The best candidate for the role is always chosen without gender bias. Kiip also forges a positive visibility of women throughout the organization; one-third of our executive team and half of our directors are female.

We’ll also continue to be curious and push for innovation within our industry by exploring new technologies (blockchain, cryptocurrency) and building plans to bring projects from beta opportunities to fully formed products.

Adam Broitman, CSO

Kiip will press for progress through continual respect for the diversity amongst our staff, and to strive to ensure our staff is a true representation of what the world looks like, with all of its many faces.


Carol Eckardt, CFO

As a minority female executive at Kiip, I’ve never felt intimidated or discouraged to share my thoughts, whether it’s on a 1:1 or in a board room setting. I’m empowered and afforded the same platform to speak my mind and be heard.

As Kiip moves forward and presses for progress, we encourage all Kiipers, regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, or affiliation, to continue to learn and contribute, to take on leadership roles, and most importantly, to enjoy and be passionate about their work and life in general.


Manicka Babu, CTO

Kiip has diverse workforce of race, gender, age and cultural background, and our diversity effort starts right from candidate sourcing. Kiip leads #PressForProgress by example, as evident by our executive bench. We encourage everyone to share ideas and give proper credit for their efforts.


Catherine Flint, Sales Director

Kiip will #PressForProgress by continuing to foster a culture that celebrates and encourages teamwork and mutual respect.  

When asked about working at Kiip, multiple Kiipers said that they have never felt afraid to pitch new ideas or ask questions. Kiip will #PressForProgress in 2018 by ensuring that all of our employees feel empowered to use their voice and to know that their ideas, feedback, and questions will be met with respect and an open mind.

Corrigan Neralich, VP of Operations

From the very beginning, Kiip set out to change the advertising landscape by coming up with a new, more thoughtful, and all around better way of reaching consumers during moments that matter.  From creating brand new products to improving on old ones, none of the successes we've enjoyed would have ever been possible without such a dynamic and diverse team working together to collectively realize our shared vision.

In order to build great things, you must bring together great people, which is why it is now - more than ever - imperative that we all #PressForProgress.  This philosophy is reflected in the composition of Kiip's leadership team, and we will continue pushing for the change this country - and the tech industry in particular - so desperately needs.


How will you #PressForProgress in 2018?

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