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Insight of the Week: Athleisure Fashion

Women's sneakers sales increased 37% last year, while high heels fell 11% during the same period. As consumer taste move away from conformed and into comfortable, retail brands are exploring athleisure options with ruffles, bold patterns, and other fashion-forward flairs to entice users. Are leggings still just for Saturday morning zumba? Or can you wear them to brunch afterwards, and again later that evening to a show? We asked our audience using our first-party survey tool to find out.

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Put on Your Dancing (or Running) Shoes

Wearing workout apparel such as yoga pants or running shoes is a common part of our weekly wardrobe. Only 26% of respondents reported never wearing workout apparel, while 23% reported wearing it everyday and another 26% stated they wear workout apparel multiple times a week.

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Working Out or Staying In?

Don’t let the name fool you. Our users reported that while working out was the most common reason for donning their kicks and shorts (29%), relaxing at home (23%), running errands (14%), and going to work (13%) didn’t fall far behind.

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