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Insight of the Week: Consumers Are Curious About AR Experiences

From Pokemon Go to making silly faces using Instagram filters, consumers are getting more and more exposure to AR experiences in their daily lives. As this adoption grows, brands are considering ways to leverage this nascent technology to create better advertising experiences that can surprise and delight consumers in a refreshing way. How do consumers feel about AR? And, would they be more or less willing to absorb an ad if it were delivered as an AR experience? We turned to the Kiip network to find out.

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Consumers Are Open to AR Experiences, But Most Haven’t Tried Yet

Of those who had tried AR, the majority (35%) reported feeling positive about the experience. 18% felt indifferent, and only 11% felt negatively towards AR experiences. About a third (35%) reported having not yet experienced AR.

AR mobile advertising

Video’s On Top, But AR Adoption is Rising

Video is still favored (38%), but AR is gaining traction and is as popular as audio (15% for each). Text falls in the middle with 32% citing it as their preferred medium.

AR mobile advertising

Consumers Want to Try Branded AR Experiences

AR experiences are new. Brands have only just begun experimenting with how to leverage the technology to interact with consumers in a way that is both surprising and delightful. According to our recent survey, 36% reported that they’d be more interested in interacting with an ad if it were an AR experience.

AR mobile advertising

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