Kiip Launches Executive Blockchain Council to Address Issues of Transparency, Efficiency, and Performance in Digital Advertising

We're excited to announce the formation of the Executive Blockchain Council, a collaboration with executives at leading brands and agencies, to...

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Insight of the Week: Online Shopping Grows, But Not Equally Across Industries

While online shopping is on the rise, it’s not equal across all industries. According to new research from Shopify, retail has struggled to break through, making up only 10% of online sales in 2017. What’s making consumers pause when it comes to online shopping, and how can brands encourage them to spend with confidence online?

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In-Store is Still Preferred, But Online is Rising

While the gap is narrowing, the majority of survey respondents (58%) say they prefer to shop in-store versus online.

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Quality Remains a Chief Concern

There’s something nice about trying an item before you buy it. 25% of respondents site product quality concerns as their biggest concern about shopping online. Shipping fees (22%), payment security (18%), return policies (13%), and shipping time (10%) followed as other concerns. Only 12% claimed they had no concerns when it came to online shopping.

mobile audiences online shopping

Use Sales or a Discount to Bring in Hesitant Shoppers

While a discount helps indecisive shoppers, you don’t have to give away product on a fire sale to make an impact. 23% report that they’d be satisfied with at least a 20% discount.

mobile audiences online shopping

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