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Insight of the Week: Prime Day Takes on Black Friday

Happy 3rd Prime Day! This year, the event stretches out for an extra day and includes a slew of Amazon owned products like Amazon Fresh and Amazon Now in addition to discounts on Alexa smart speakers and Amazon Echos. How popular is Prime Day among consumers? Will it ever topple Black Friday and Cyber Monday? We turned to the Kiip network to find out.

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People are Getting Primed for Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is gaining popularity, as noted by 41% who report that they plan to participate in this year’s event. 26% are unsure as to whether or not they’ll participate, and only 33% say they don’t plan to participate.

Prime day 1

Prime Day Takes on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Only 23% of respondents claim that Black Friday/ Cyber Monday is a better deal than Prime Day. However, 32% say Prime Day is actually the better deal. Nearly half (45%) are unsure which is a better deal.

Prime day 2

Alexa, Should I Buy a Smart Speaker?

Smart speakers are gaining traction and are on track to be as common an appliance in homes as a television. In our survey, we found people are more inclined to buy their first smart speaker if it’s on sale (41%).  A third (33%) reported that a discount would not impact their purchasing decision, and 26% were unsure how a sale would factor into their decision.

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Smart Speakers Sweep Into Homes

Over a third (35%) of people reported that they own a smart speaker, whereas 65% haven’t purchased one (yet).

prime day mobile insights

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