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We're proud to announce that we have received the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) certification seal as part of our ongoing effort to rid...

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Insight of the Week: Soccer vs Football

The World Cup is living up to its name. Fans from all over are tuning into the excitement, whether it’s waking up at 5:00am to catch the action live on the TV at a local bar, scanning the latest highlights on their phone while on their commute, or watching updates roll in on the office TV throughout the day. As the competition around the World Cup heats up, how many of us consider ourselves sports fans? What are we watching? Does football still beat out soccer? We turned to the Kiip network to find out.

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Hey There, Sports Fans!

Two out of three (66%) reported that they actively watch sports, including football, soccer, baseball and basketball.

sports football mobile targeting

Football Scores in America

While soccer fever has taken over the world, football still far outranks it in terms of popularity. 40% report football is their favorite sport to watch, compared to 9% reporting soccer as their favorite sport.

sports football mobile targeting

Super Bowl Remains the MVP

63% of respondents reported watching the Super Bowl this year. We can assume the remainder (37%) are close-by supporting their loved ones through cheers and chips n’ dip.

sports football mobile targeting

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