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Insight of the Week: Teens Prioritize Spending on Snacks Over Anything Else


When we think of summer, key images come to mind like hot nights, beach days with friends, and of course, the quintessential part-time jobs working minimum wage behind a register. But, as more industries go digital, how are teens adapting to this changing landscape? Some find innovative ways to make a few extra bucks, but a growing number opt to not work at all. How common are summer jobs among teens, and on what do they spend their hard earned cash? We asked the Kiip audience to find out.

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Take This Job and Shove It

About two-thirds (63%) of teens reported that they plan to work during the summer. The remaining third (37%) have no plans of working at all.

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Burgers, Hot Dogs, and Fries, Oh my!

Teens spend the vast majority of their income on food (31%), followed by clothing (10%), concerts (10%), amusement parks (7%), video games (7%) and movies (6%). Other covered a large portion as well (29%) which could cover items like saving for the school year, trips, dates, or other activities.

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